Monday, 29 June 2009

Talk From The Heart

My two younger children, Nabila & Hakeem are so very talkative. They can just sometimes talking n babbling about everything. Nabila is non-nonsense talker whereas Hakeem is full with imaginations that can sometimes talks beyond his mind.

Whenever Nabila opens her mouth, she always talks about facts, details explanation especially about what she learned at school n things she read. As for Hakeem he loves to talk about his creative imaginations n also lots lots of questions of why this n why that.

At their age they just talk n express whatever comes across their mind. They sometimes don’t even know that there are things n stories that actually ‘exclusively’ for us the family to know. This also proven that kids don’t lie n they just so sincerely n genuinely say from their heart. A few occasions happened that the teacher will come n ask me – is it true what Hakeem said that…………..??

Recently Hakeem’s class teacher said that Hakeem told her “my mom didn’t send me to class today because she is so shy n scared that people might see her ears n neck” Well.. actually that morning I wore new tudung n didn’t realized that it was very transparent. Nabila noticed it first said that she could see my brown colour hair clip. When I looked at the mirror while driving I said “Oh my God, how could I not see n realize that this tudung is so transparent. People could see my ears n neck. Now I am so shy to send both of u down to the class”

Being nice n thoughtful both of them said I can just drop them at the drop point zone. So that’s why I didn’t send Hakeem to the class as usual n I also didn’t expect him to tell that to his class teacher! A week ago, a BM teacher n one assistant teacher (approached at the different time) came to me chatting told me that Hakeem n Nabila said their daddy’s boss name are Mr penyapu lidi n Mr Garlicky. Hehehhehehe.

This I have to blame my hubby!! He always likes to joke around n created weird funny names about everything. I told both of the teachers that Nabila n Hakeem don’t even know the meaning n what is this penyapu lidi. Their daddy was just joking around. Now I have to correct n create new names for my hubby’s boss just in case they want to brag about it!

When I was away for umrah, my cousins were taking care of my children. At night before go to bed my cousins chatted with Nabila. Nabila told them that she sometimes pretended sleeping when I asked her to. Being nosey my cousin asked did u see anything what mommy n ayah doing. She said they were just talking. They didn't do anything. They didn’t know I was pretending to sleep. Hahahahaha.. bahaya betul…

There are lots more if I want to tell here. Nabila n Hakeem grown up to be very curious n everything that interests them will lead them to non-stop talking n questioning. They see, hear n feel. You don’t know what your kids are talking among their friends. Like one of Nabila’s friend said that her daddy's car got a button that when press, the car can fly n change to an aeroplane. And Nabila believes that till now n always curious to have a look at the car. Hakeem even told me that his friend said the Bakugan toys are more cheaper if were to buy in Singapore. Hehehehhehe..

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