Monday, 15 June 2009

Balik Kampung - Alor Setar

Last Friday we went back to Kedah. Upon arrival at the airport at 8.30pm as planned we had our dinner at Nasi Royale – wajib ni.. There were lots of people since it’s weekend holiday for Kedah.

The following day evening we went to Danok. We had our lunch there n later on had foot massage. This indulging n pampering part seems a must if we come here. Danok was bit packed n crowded as the famous band from Bangkok – LASO setaraf Search Malaysia had their concert there. I could see many our local hard die fans youngster went down to see the concert.

Most of the time I was just staying at home lepak-lepak chit chatting with my parents. My children were having a good times especially eating rambutan. The rambutan tree (the only one rambutan tree we had) reminded a lot of my late mom. She was so eager at the first time when planted it.

Now all her grandchildren enjoy the fruits. My dad always makes appoint that we come back every year to eat the rambutan.

On Monday afternoon we were already back to Shah Alam. Though we could only spent our time in Alor Setar for 3 days, we did had a good time especially hubby who managed to eat his favourite roti boom, kuetiaw kerang Pak Latiff n nasi Royale.

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