Wednesday, 3 June 2009

The Coffee Table

This is my new coffee table. It just arrived today afternoon. I have moved to the new house since last December n just got the coffee table today. It is not because I ordered it somewhere out of nowhere but I just couldn’t find the one I like.

I’ve been to one shop to other either alone or with hubby. I went to the most expensive branded furniture shop to the chekai one but none attracted me. At first I wanted to get the rectangle shape since the layout of my living room suits that.

None that I found seems to suit my living room. Then I decided why not just go for the square one. Again I couldn’t find the one I like. Finally yesterday I went with hubby for the 3rd time to this furniture shop n finally grabbed this.

And at last I have a coffee table! Whenever we have guest, they used to lepak at the pangkin outside. There was one occasion that I had to usher my guest to the pangkin to have tea. I felt so bad but luckily it was close relatives.

My living room still looks so bare. I need to put flowers n some decorations. And this I don’t know when I am gonna do this. I already have lots plan n layout in mind for the living room but I just don’t have time to wonder around.

Well anywhere for the time being this will do..

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