Saturday, 27 June 2009

I'm in The Mood...

Last two days when I was in the kitchen, Nabila said I feel awkward n bored Mommy. When asked why she said “I haven’t seen u done any baking for so long. No kek lapis, no muffins, cup cakes n no baking. Why?”

Smiling I said.. “Well.. probably I am so lazy to do any baking.” So today, I plan to make a special dinner. BAKING but no cakes or sweet treats.

I wanted to do n experiment with this recipe long time ago. I wanted to try when hubby was around but always ended up serving him our local dish. By the way tonight I made roasted chicken. Well.. the chicken turned out to be bit over roasted n black on top.

It was because I didn’t cleared up the marinated ingredients on the chicken which it should be. Anyway.. look does not matter – nak sedapkan hati.. but the taste.. ummph… kalah Kenny rogers chicken.. hahahha

I also made mash potatoes. So the chicken, mash potatoes with the black pepper mushroom gravy plus lasagna. Memang sedap.. Kids were really enjoyed it.

Tonight also we celebrated the excellent academic report I got for Nabila n Hakeem. Both of them got excellent impressive result n comments. Dhaniah bought cake for them. I am so proud with both of them. Well done.

So anyone wanna try my secret recepi of roasted chicken - click here. :)

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