Monday, 8 June 2009

Makan Berhidang

From PD we drove down back to Malacca. We have everybody except Liza & Rais who went away for their work course. My mother’s in-law house was lively n cheery with all the cucu-cucu. Riuh rendah jadinya.

Upon arrival I was busying stuffing myself with durians as the fruits have started berguguran dgn banyaknya. At night my mother in-law made serawa durian. I don’t really like it but others pulun habis.

The next day on Sunday we had family kenduri doa selamat after zohor. We sedekah lamb to people at the mosques n took quarter to cook for home. We partly roasted with the secret recipe of my SIL n the rest briyani lamb & chicken cooked by me.

The lunch n the eating together was success n great. Though it’s only us in the family but that already made the house loud n noise with everybody. And everybody loves it!

We departed back to Shah Alam at 5pm with the massive jams towards KL.

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