Wednesday, 10 June 2009

What Do I Feel?

This morning when I was at Giant, a lady came to me n gave me a pamphlet. The pamphlet said “LOSE WEIGHT NOW!!!” “MENGURANGKAN BERAT BADAN SEBANYAK 10KG DALAM MASA 30 HARI SAHAJA”

OMG.. what do I feel? How do I feel?
  • Insulted
  • Frustrated
  • Irritated
  • Ashamed
Well.. I probably just have to accept the fact that I do really need to lose my weight. I will take this positively. Dengan semangatnya..

This back few months 4 out of 5 friends/relatives that I met said “Eh.. nampak berisi badan” “Hang dah gemok lah” “Tu dia… badan hang”

After awhile those ‘praise’ was like the wind blows over me. I got numb about it. Dah takde perasaan lagi.

After receiving this special pamphlet I guess I really have to buck up. Really..

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