Sunday, 31 March 2013

Fifi Wedding Ceremony

I am now in Malaysia! Yes.. my tanah air tercinta ku. Oh what a blessed to be back home. The moment I stepped out from the Kuala Lumpur International Airport, on the way back to my home in Shah Alam all I saw was the green lush of trees along the highway. So green that I just immediately fell in love with my own country. What a soothing pleasant view.

I arrived four days ago and only with Nabila and Hakeem, three of us. I went back to Shah Alam took my car, picked up my both daughters Nadira at Subang Jaya and Faizah at the KLIA who arrived later in the evening – then straight shoot to Malacca. Fooh.. what a day..

I was in Malacca to attend my niece’s (Fifi) wedding ceremony. The wedding was so lovely. My children who were hardly had a chance to see a Malay traditional wedding really enjoyed and appreciated it. Below are some pictures taken during the ceremony.

After three days busying attending the kenduri, I am here back to my home sweet home in Shah Alam. I have a few appointments to attend in a few days time but most of all is the makan session! Owh.. I am so looking forward to eat all the foods that I miss so much. Yummm..

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Yeeehaaa - It Is A Holiday!

Spring is finally here and it means holiday! Well.. not that we have a spring season here. The current weather is still nice, not too cold and too hot – very pleasant. Technically it is a spring term holiday for my children’s school. They gonna have a two weeks break.

And this means it is a holiday for me too, which I need one! My children had the Easter Egg Competition at their school yesterday. They did not participate but just joined the other children showing off their showcase. There were lots of creativity Easter eggs presented by the children.

At the end of the school, Hakeem gave me a note - a very lovely note that he made at school.
Note from Hakeem
Isn’t it lovely? He is just so adorable and what a wonderful day for me to end my ‘duty’ for two weeks!

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

A True Blogger

"Create your blog to benefits others.. " this was one of the topics that had been raised up while chatting with my friend this morning. She, Dr Liza is head of our Education Biro in the Perwakilan Muscat for Malaysian ladies in Oman. She suggested to all the members to create a blog. Most of the members were professional careered ladies before they came here. They used to work at an office and some ran their own business.

After transforming ourselves to leisure housewives, there were many things that we tend to let go. Our priorities were already different. Day by day without us realising, we were actually letting go of the precious skills and expertise that we ladies used to have - such a waste right..?

The thought of having a blog is an excellent idea. Not only for now, but our future too. Future here means when we are already old. Those days.. when we're old and retired, we changed the whole concept of our life. We are no longer meeting friends and doing activities that we use to have. We choose to stay at home or go to the Mosque attending classes, reading Quran and doing things related to that.

I am NOT totally against this. This is what I always plan to do when I am older and retired. After having a chat with Dr Liza, she opened up my mind that our retired day doesn't mean that you have to retire the things that you love to do.

One example, is having a blog. Write a blog about something that you can share with others. If you learn something it is only for yourself of course. When you die, whatever you have learned will be taken with you. BUT if you choose to share whatever you have learned, or experience with others - like writing it in a blog; the knowledge will be continue to one generation, then others.

This reminded me back on the first day I created my precious blog - Scritch & Scratch. My initial intention was actually to fill up my time. At that time my kids were still small and I didn't really involve and socialise with any clubs or people. Most of the time I just stayed at home. 

I love to read. I love to talk. If I have no one to talk to.. my mind is like an active machine that doesn't stop pouring ideas for what to say and write. I have so many things to tell. I have so many experiences to share. What limits me is my time and my poor grammar. I wanted to write in my own Bahasa Melayu language but I am not really good in it. 

I would prefer to write it in English. I admit sometimes my grammar berterabur went haywires but I will try to improve it better. I even notice that it improves day by day. My mind is also working and computing for bombastic words and ideas.

Owh.. I love my blog and will continue to write till the last day of my life. This blog will be a memory for my children and family. To my friends out there, if you don't have a blog yet do create one. Trust me, it doesn't has to be like the famous ones you had seen. Create one and just start to write and share whatever you have in your life.

Trust me.. you will enjoy every second out of it. Don't be shy and don't be scared to think what others think about you. Just.. be yourself..

I really am not sure if my blog can be an informative platform to readers, but I always believe that an experience from a persons' life can sometimes inspire and maybe motivate others!

Monday, 18 March 2013

Fun Adventurous Camping

Camping? Woohoo.. me and hubby wanted to do this since long time ago. We always planned to bring our children for a night sleepover near the beach, mountains or desert but not sleeping in a luxury way in a hotel but camping! We discussed about this on and on like many years ago and it was never being accomplished. 

A couple of months ago, we finally had our first adventurous camping trip. A few days before the 'day' we were all very excited especially hubby. He was so into this camping thing and excitedly brought all of us to the shop to buy tents, bbq pit and all the camping stuffs. He wanted to make sure that this first camping trip goes well.

There were six families including us that were on this trip. We chose to camp at the most famous beach here in Oman - Banda Khayran. Our camp site was very secluded and private as it was an abandoned hotel project area. The area was guarded as the new Omani millionaire had bought this area to continue with the abandoned project.

We were lucky that one of our friends, Suhami knows the person who took care of the place (not the owner yeah.. how we wish if it was him.. hahahahha). Upon of that privilege, we got an accessed to use the area as our camp site. It was about half km stretch of beach and it was only us there. Yaalaa.. we owned that place on that night!

Beautiful Banda Khayran
Nabila & Hakeem loved the sands
The beach near camp site
Loved the view!
It was a very beautiful beach. The scenery was spectacular and the water was so clear and peaceful. My kids just loved beach and they were non stopped playing sorts of activities there. As for us Moms, we cooked, ate and chatted thru out the day. The Daddys.. went for fishing and joined the Moms later. 

Our first trip was success that we made another trip a few weeks later. We went to the same place as the man wanted to go for a boat fishing trip. We were having fish for our dinner and even continued for our breakfast - fishy brekkie! It was a fun experienced for all of us.

Last week, we organized another camping trip and this time we had it near Wadi. Wadi is the Arabic term traditionally referring to a valley. There are many beautiful Wadis in Oman. We have been to a few Wadis for a picnic but for the camping we chose Wadi Tiwi.

The green Wadi Tiwi
Wadi around us

I would prefer Wadi compare to the beach. The Wadi normally surrounded by trees and hills. The bed of wadi always filled with water throughout the year. It is a lovely place with total harmony with nature. 

Well.. the Wadi Tiwi camping was not our last trip as we plan to have another go this weekend. We have discovered another beautiful Wadi on our back home last weekend. I can't wait as I know our next trip will be more adventurous. Better do it before the summer hit us!

Monday, 11 March 2013

Oh my dear son, I will fight to protect you..

A couple of months ago, I found my son's diary. In his diary was written about his feelings and stories being picked and bullied by his school friends. I was disturbed when read it. I asked my son what was actually going on but he reluctantly wanted to share it with me. I had to talked it out in various ways and took me a few days to get the real story out of him.

Once I got to know what was actually happened, I made an appointment with his class teacher, Mrs T. I showed Mrs T his diary. My son wrote that he had been physically harassed by this boy named ADM since a year ago. He said that he told his class teacher, Mrs K when he was in Year 3 at that time but the teacher didn't attend to this matter. It was always ADM got away with it as he always claimed that it was an accident.

I think after a year being ignored, my son probably got fed up and kept it all to himself. I didn't remember whether he did ever tell me about this. Maybe he did but I took it lightly as I don't want to get involve so much in his 'friendship' matter as I want him to make more friends and if there is any problem arise, he has to try to solve it by himself.

My son is not an easy person to get along well with new people. It normally takes him quite awhile to get closer and be buddy with someone. Once he gets close to a person, he will trust and be with the person till the end. He will endlessly talking all the good things about his friend. When we have to move from one place to others and the children too have to change their school, it really effected them so much. My children always hates the new school and couldn't get over with the previous school they went. Their main issues were always making new friends.

I didn't expect that the problem that my son was facing was very serious. I regret for not listening to him. I feel so bad for not be able to help him when he needed one. I felt terrible for not paying attention to whatever he told me. When I had a talk with his class teacher, Mrs T too was very shocked, upset and felt bad that she too didn't know about this.

I thank to Mrs T and the school who acted immediately on this case. Hakeem was called by the Primary Principal together with ADM. The school has done a thorough investigations on this matter. ADM too admitted that he did whatever mentioned and claimed by my son.

Hakeem came home telling me that he felt so bad looking at ADM who was crying non-stop during their talk with the principal. He even handed over a tissue to him to sooth him down. That is my son.. a very kind hearted gentleman. Though people sometimes being not nice to him, he still be nice to them.

And that is the part that worried me. He is sometimes can be TOO nice that people can take advantage on him. As for now, my son is now happily going to school. I guess he got his 'voice' back. He knows that at last, somebody is listening to him.

As a mother, it breaks my heart knowing that my son has been hurt. I will do anything and fight for everything as long as my child is safe. I wish I can be at anytime with him if he is in trouble and needs help. I wish I can protect him from all the harmful and bad people out there.

I know it is impossible to do all that but trust me my dear son.. Mommy will never let anybody.. not even a single person touch and hurt you again. I promise you that.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Time Flies..

It is March already.. Time flies so fast. For the past couple months in the new year of 2013, I have achieved some of my personal targets. I never have any new year resolutions as I know I will never fulfil it, so better go and do with what I have been doing now. No pressure and date lines!

My life is busy as usual, not just with the normal endless routines but also with the club and association that I am involve with. Beside that my children's activities and school needs extra attention as they nowadays have more homework's brought back home.

I sometimes find that I cannot even have a day in a week to sit in front of my lappy. I only come home around 3pm and sometimes 4pm daily. I probably have 15-30min to rest then continue busy with the house chores. In between I tried to sneak on my fb or instagram, otherwise I just watch TV.

Well.. that is my life and there is no need to complain right? I just pray that I will have a good health, long life to be able doing what I am doing now.

I have tight long schedules ahead in this month onwards. Hope everything will goes well as plan. Till then cheers everybody and I promise to update with more interesting post soon!