Tuesday, 19 March 2013

A True Blogger

"Create your blog to benefits others.. " this was one of the topics that had been raised up while chatting with my friend this morning. She, Dr Liza is head of our Education Biro in the Perwakilan Muscat for Malaysian ladies in Oman. She suggested to all the members to create a blog. Most of the members were professional careered ladies before they came here. They used to work at an office and some ran their own business.

After transforming ourselves to leisure housewives, there were many things that we tend to let go. Our priorities were already different. Day by day without us realising, we were actually letting go of the precious skills and expertise that we ladies used to have - such a waste right..?

The thought of having a blog is an excellent idea. Not only for now, but our future too. Future here means when we are already old. Those days.. when we're old and retired, we changed the whole concept of our life. We are no longer meeting friends and doing activities that we use to have. We choose to stay at home or go to the Mosque attending classes, reading Quran and doing things related to that.

I am NOT totally against this. This is what I always plan to do when I am older and retired. After having a chat with Dr Liza, she opened up my mind that our retired day doesn't mean that you have to retire the things that you love to do.

One example, is having a blog. Write a blog about something that you can share with others. If you learn something it is only for yourself of course. When you die, whatever you have learned will be taken with you. BUT if you choose to share whatever you have learned, or experience with others - like writing it in a blog; the knowledge will be continue to one generation, then others.

This reminded me back on the first day I created my precious blog - Scritch & Scratch. My initial intention was actually to fill up my time. At that time my kids were still small and I didn't really involve and socialise with any clubs or people. Most of the time I just stayed at home. 

I love to read. I love to talk. If I have no one to talk to.. my mind is like an active machine that doesn't stop pouring ideas for what to say and write. I have so many things to tell. I have so many experiences to share. What limits me is my time and my poor grammar. I wanted to write in my own Bahasa Melayu language but I am not really good in it. 

I would prefer to write it in English. I admit sometimes my grammar berterabur went haywires but I will try to improve it better. I even notice that it improves day by day. My mind is also working and computing for bombastic words and ideas.

Owh.. I love my blog and will continue to write till the last day of my life. This blog will be a memory for my children and family. To my friends out there, if you don't have a blog yet do create one. Trust me, it doesn't has to be like the famous ones you had seen. Create one and just start to write and share whatever you have in your life.

Trust me.. you will enjoy every second out of it. Don't be shy and don't be scared to think what others think about you. Just.. be yourself..

I really am not sure if my blog can be an informative platform to readers, but I always believe that an experience from a persons' life can sometimes inspire and maybe motivate others!

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