Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Time Flies..

It is March already.. Time flies so fast. For the past couple months in the new year of 2013, I have achieved some of my personal targets. I never have any new year resolutions as I know I will never fulfil it, so better go and do with what I have been doing now. No pressure and date lines!

My life is busy as usual, not just with the normal endless routines but also with the club and association that I am involve with. Beside that my children's activities and school needs extra attention as they nowadays have more homework's brought back home.

I sometimes find that I cannot even have a day in a week to sit in front of my lappy. I only come home around 3pm and sometimes 4pm daily. I probably have 15-30min to rest then continue busy with the house chores. In between I tried to sneak on my fb or instagram, otherwise I just watch TV.

Well.. that is my life and there is no need to complain right? I just pray that I will have a good health, long life to be able doing what I am doing now.

I have tight long schedules ahead in this month onwards. Hope everything will goes well as plan. Till then cheers everybody and I promise to update with more interesting post soon!

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