Sunday, 31 March 2013

Fifi Wedding Ceremony

I am now in Malaysia! Yes.. my tanah air tercinta ku. Oh what a blessed to be back home. The moment I stepped out from the Kuala Lumpur International Airport, on the way back to my home in Shah Alam all I saw was the green lush of trees along the highway. So green that I just immediately fell in love with my own country. What a soothing pleasant view.

I arrived four days ago and only with Nabila and Hakeem, three of us. I went back to Shah Alam took my car, picked up my both daughters Nadira at Subang Jaya and Faizah at the KLIA who arrived later in the evening – then straight shoot to Malacca. Fooh.. what a day..

I was in Malacca to attend my niece’s (Fifi) wedding ceremony. The wedding was so lovely. My children who were hardly had a chance to see a Malay traditional wedding really enjoyed and appreciated it. Below are some pictures taken during the ceremony.

After three days busying attending the kenduri, I am here back to my home sweet home in Shah Alam. I have a few appointments to attend in a few days time but most of all is the makan session! Owh.. I am so looking forward to eat all the foods that I miss so much. Yummm..

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