Monday, 18 March 2013

Fun Adventurous Camping

Camping? Woohoo.. me and hubby wanted to do this since long time ago. We always planned to bring our children for a night sleepover near the beach, mountains or desert but not sleeping in a luxury way in a hotel but camping! We discussed about this on and on like many years ago and it was never being accomplished. 

A couple of months ago, we finally had our first adventurous camping trip. A few days before the 'day' we were all very excited especially hubby. He was so into this camping thing and excitedly brought all of us to the shop to buy tents, bbq pit and all the camping stuffs. He wanted to make sure that this first camping trip goes well.

There were six families including us that were on this trip. We chose to camp at the most famous beach here in Oman - Banda Khayran. Our camp site was very secluded and private as it was an abandoned hotel project area. The area was guarded as the new Omani millionaire had bought this area to continue with the abandoned project.

We were lucky that one of our friends, Suhami knows the person who took care of the place (not the owner yeah.. how we wish if it was him.. hahahahha). Upon of that privilege, we got an accessed to use the area as our camp site. It was about half km stretch of beach and it was only us there. Yaalaa.. we owned that place on that night!

Beautiful Banda Khayran
Nabila & Hakeem loved the sands
The beach near camp site
Loved the view!
It was a very beautiful beach. The scenery was spectacular and the water was so clear and peaceful. My kids just loved beach and they were non stopped playing sorts of activities there. As for us Moms, we cooked, ate and chatted thru out the day. The Daddys.. went for fishing and joined the Moms later. 

Our first trip was success that we made another trip a few weeks later. We went to the same place as the man wanted to go for a boat fishing trip. We were having fish for our dinner and even continued for our breakfast - fishy brekkie! It was a fun experienced for all of us.

Last week, we organized another camping trip and this time we had it near Wadi. Wadi is the Arabic term traditionally referring to a valley. There are many beautiful Wadis in Oman. We have been to a few Wadis for a picnic but for the camping we chose Wadi Tiwi.

The green Wadi Tiwi
Wadi around us

I would prefer Wadi compare to the beach. The Wadi normally surrounded by trees and hills. The bed of wadi always filled with water throughout the year. It is a lovely place with total harmony with nature. 

Well.. the Wadi Tiwi camping was not our last trip as we plan to have another go this weekend. We have discovered another beautiful Wadi on our back home last weekend. I can't wait as I know our next trip will be more adventurous. Better do it before the summer hit us!


Anonymous said...

aduuu bukkk, aku ni noroh kepingin banget ikut serta bukkkkk

~AtiQaH~ said...

wahhh.. good experience when came this place....:)