Thursday, 28 February 2008

Is the Fare Fair?

My daughter Nadira has got her place for the school. We went to see the school today. It was raining in KL here. The school is at the Genting Highland. The weather was so cool n nice. The most important is Nadira like n love the school. She will start her first day schooling in mid of March. Alhamdullilah one matter had settled. Tomorrow we have an appointment for Nabila n Hakeem’s school.

Tonight I n hubby went to Low Yatt Plaza. We went both alone n left the kids at the hotel. We decided to take a taxi to save our trouble with the jam n parking. After done with the task there, we went to have our dinner at the place once we dated before. I love the kuetiaw goreng there. The food is still the same except this time I tak malu2 n segan nak melantak in front of my hubby… hehehehhe.. Or else.. cover line ahh… masa dating2 dulu.

From there we walked to the Bukit Bintang Plaza to get a taxi to go back to the hotel. We saw many taxis qued up there n asked one of them to go to our hotel. The taxi driver said RM20. I said why u aren’t using a meter. He said now no meter-meter. Then the other guy approached n said RM15. I asked again why no meter where else now is only 9.30pm. He said.. haiyah… mana ada pakai meter-meter malam2 ni.

What? Am I just new to this trend or it’s a norm scenario like this in KL. I just can’t believe that they r doing this. I bet the tourist will even get worst compare to us the local. Unsatisfactory with these taxi drivers’s attitude, my hubby n me decided just to walk further up to get another taxi. With a hope at least there’s still a sane driver who can take us back!

Unfortunately it’s just not our day. Then we decided to take a bus. Ha.. a bus. But then we didn’t know which one to take. Hehehehhe.. then finally a bus with the KLCC route stop in front of us. It’s Rapid KL. But I saw people used card for the fare. Alamak…. Macam mana ni.. then we asked wether they take cash.. Huh.. nasib baik. We just paid RM2 each.

Our hotel is just a walking distance from the KLCC. The taxi fare from the hotel was only RM4.20. With the RM2 bus fare we save our RM20 n our energy if it happen that we decided to walk back home to the hotel. I don’t mind paying that amount if it’s really the taxi fare according to the meter. But when come to know these bunch of cekik darah driver who seems to memalukan Negara.. I would rather stand for my pride. Too much.. Very too much..

Wednesday, 27 February 2008

The Momento

I had safely arrived at KLIA around 2.05pm. Till now I still couldn’t believed that we r actually back home for good. It does just feel like our yearly routine holiday. From KLIA we went straight back to Malacca.

Nabila n Hakeem on n off being crying wanted to go back home. I told them that we don’t have a home yet. Not in Oman anymore.. I guess it will take quite awhile for them to get use to the fact that now Malaysia is their home.

Today we r already in KL. We had a few matters that need to be settled immediately. So far today we’ve settled my hubby’s visa n made appointment for the tomorrow agenda. I am still exhausted with the long plane journey n now has to rush here n there with a very limited time that I have. Hopefully we can accomplish whatever we’ve planned for this few days in KL.

Anyway last parting day with friends at the airport is still fresh in my mind. It really was a sad moment for me. I would like to thank to everybody who sent us at the airport. We’ll surely miss all of you.

This is the parting gift from our dearest friend Yahya Shawarma. We were bit regret that we couldn’t see n say goodbye to him personally on the last day. It really touched my heart to see the effort that he had done. My dear friend who go to Yahya, please say thank to him. We love the gift n really appreciate it so much.

Monday, 25 February 2008

Farewell To All

Although I may not be able to bid farewell personally to everybody, but that doesn’t mean that you are forgotten. I will remember every single person that has came across the path of my life here in Oman. Sayonara to all.. Sayonara Oman..

My friends to you I bid goodbye
To the friendship that brought me sky
The year has been swell
As if coming from a wishing well
But as all things do
I have to bid adieu
How it pains me to
But there's nothing I can do
Thank you for the memories
The laughter and the tears
They'll linger in my heart
As if we never part
If by chance we meet again
May it be full of blessings in the rain
Yet for now all that I can say
Is to God for you I'll pray
© Mild G. Calingo

Saturday, 23 February 2008

Sleepless Night

I had a sleepless night lately. I’ve been thinking n worried about lots of things. I had full weary activities thru out my days but still sometimes I had a difficulty to sleep. I’m worried about some of the stuffs that are still not taken yet from my house. Then those bits n pieces that are still here n there in my kitchen n rooms. I told my hubby that by today we have to clear up everything n just leaves our luggage only.

I guess once that cleared, then I will be relieve. 25th February is my last day here in Muscat, Oman. We had been staying here since 28 Sept 2004. We got to know n love the country so much. My two little tods grown up here who at first not knowing that this is not their country always proud of Oman n when they annually balik kampong to Malaysia, they still think that Oman is their kampong.

These last two days Nabila had already showed her sad n gloomy face. She is so upset to leave Oman. At night before her sleep I always see the tears on her cheeks. She kept saying that she wanted to stay here. Oh dear… it’s just not you alone, mommy feel sad too.

I feel so sad to part with my friends here. I feel so sad that I have to leave. I wish I could stay longer. I wish I could turn back the clock n do whatever that I have not done yet here. I wish I could mend everything that had broken. I wish I could make everybody happy. And how I wish..

Friday, 22 February 2008


I will never forget n miss while in Oman...
  1. The super luscious delicious shawarma (of course at my favourite Yahya)
  2. The mouth watering briyani, humus n all kind of local authentic cuisines
  3. Camping in the middle of the desert
  4. Cylone Gonu
  5. Convoy trip with friends – exploring Oman n Dubai
  6. The experience to get the driving licence
  7. Lost of good friends
  8. Tasty fresh kurma
  9. Perfomed Umrah from here
  10. Get together occasions with friends

Thursday, 21 February 2008

Makan-Makan Marathon

These last few days we were having non-stop ‘makan-makan’ session. It started from the coffee morning till dinner. I love the get-together n the food but what I can’t bear is me who keep stuffing my tummy with all these delicious food. Then plus with me who had temporary disconnected myself with any exercise n work out. It just made everything worst. I am now had putting up my weight!!

I kept telling n motivating myself, it’s ok… don’t worry. Once I settle down back in Malaysia I will have to change my diet n really do something to my bloating body. Meanwhile.. let’s enjoy eating.. Yeeehaaahh…

This afternoon we were invited for lunch at Hj Amin’s house. Of course rice plus lauk-lauk kampong. Memang menyelerakan. Then for dinner at Oja’s house, soto n nasi ayam plus yummy deserts. Thumbs up to Oja. Your nasi ayam n soto were so good.

And big thanks for the ‘surprise’ cake. Nasib baik tak tujuh tingkat! Or else we’ll be like CT n Dato K. Then I have to sing a song for my hubby. Peluklah daku… Hehehehe.. Anyway thank you so much for everything. Thanks friends.

Maybe my words are not good enough to express what I feel. But I n family really appreciate what you guys have done. I bet I can never find a crowd like u all anywhere in the world. For this last four days I really hope that we can see n spend time together.

So.. back to ‘makan-makan’ the invitation list still go on… Tomorrow we’ll have lunch at Razak’s house then follow by dinner from Hamzah. Then on Saturday night, me n hubby will treat u guys our last ‘makan-makan’ together. That’s the penutup ok…

p/s: I was busy eating till I forgot to snap more photos. So this time no 'human being' pictures!

Wednesday, 20 February 2008


I should have done while I am in Oman......

  1. Learn to speak Arabic – I wanted to do this on the first day I landed in Oman. I kept postponing it until today n now regret!
  2. Learn to make Arabic Bread
  3. Learn to play tennis
  4. Learn how to swim
  5. Learn n liking wearing scarf like local does
  6. Dare to eat lamb n camel meat
  7. Acquittance more with local people
  8. Convoy driving to Saudi Arabia
  9. Travel to more Middle East country
  10. Explore more adventurous activities in Oman

Tuesday, 19 February 2008

The Memories

Yesterday morning I went to the house that I’ve not been for so long. It’s the house that I used to go almost everyday. The first time when I walked into the house, it reminds me a lot about the person that I used to visit. Kakak Jamaliah, the wife to Arwah Professor Iskandar.

I think the last time I went there was about 4 months ago. Currently it’s Udik, Laila plus Nazri who are staying at the house. When I looked at the living room it reminds me about Prof who used to sit there watching TV. Then the bedroom where I used to see Kakak lying down when she was sick.

When she had recovered n be able to sit on the wheel chair, I used to chat with her at the second living room. That’s our favourite place. Now I realized that I missed her. She’s just like a big sister to me n not too much if I said that she’s also like my mom.

Laila n Udik have another 4 months to be in Oman to finish their study. I feel sorry for them. They used to have their dad n mom around but now only both of them struggle on their own at another part of the world. Hopefully they will be stronger n success in their coming final exam.

Arwah told us the character about each of his children. He even had plans n dreams for them. Now he’s not around anymore n I do hope that his children will continue whatever their dad had plan for them. May they achieve whatever they are planning n doing.

Now Kakak is staying with Uci n Pidin at their house in Subang Jaya. I will surely pay her a visit once I get back to Malaysia.. I know that she’s lonely. Arwah always called me to accompany Kakak when he’s not around. Insyaalah I will find a time to spend more time with her.

Life is short. We don’t know when our turn is. I always pray to Allah if He wants to take me, let all my children at least grown up n can be on their own. Tapi kita hanya merancang. Segalanya masih di kuasa dan kehendakNYA.

Sunday, 17 February 2008

Zillion Thanks to Qayyum

This evening we received a ‘parcel of charm’ from our dearest Qayyum. Thanks a lot Qayyum. When my hubby brought it back home that big box n telling us that all of this from him, we were all very excited.

Nabila n Hakeem got for themselves a set of Princess Disney n Buzz Lightyear pyjamas. They were so excited n immediately put it on! As for Nadira, she was so thrilled with her Victoria’s Secret toiletries set. Kena rajin mandi lah lepas ni..

As for myself.. I was so touched to open mine - Coach purse. Million thanks. I was screaming joyful when I saw it, sungguh terharu n without I realized tears was in my eyes. I like the ‘I’ key chain thingy that’s attached to the purse. Cool Qayyum.. And for Uncle Zul, he loves the tie so much. He’s gonna wear that at his new place.

Qayyum is a son to our dearest family friend (Haji n Rohaya). He’s now studying in Nashville, Tennessee, US. I’ve know him since he’s a little boy when we were in Miri. He's now grown up to a handsome guy. He’s just like a son to us. He’s a proud of the family. A brilliant n gifted child.

Qayyum, I always hear good things about u from your mom. She is really proud of you. Aunty pun tumpang sekaki.. I wish you all the best n success in whatever you do. Thanks for the very thoughtful of you n all the trouble to mail the parcel. We really appreciated it. Insyaalah diizinkan Tuhan kita berjumpa lagi. Take care.

Saturday, 16 February 2008

Shopping in Dubai

I was away for the last two days. We drove down to Dubai. This was our last trip ‘drive-down’ to Dubai. But this time we were going our family alone – not convoying group as usual. Sadly ah... Others couldn’t join. Dubai is currently having a Dubai Shopping Festival. So it was crazy sale everywhere there.

As usual we departed early in the morning. We then stopped at our usual spot to have our breakfast – nasi lemak. No.. they don’t have shop selling that. I cooked n packed it. We then arrived Dubai at our Hotel around 1pm. After solat n have a quick rest we went to Wafi City. Our intention is to drop by at the Planet Hollywood to get some t-shirts. Unfortunately they are not selling t-shirts at the moment! Frust je all my kids n Dhaniah..

After that we went to Naif Souq n were there till 10.00pm. The next day we cruised around the city taking photos n then had lunch at Emirates Mall. After that we hopped to another mall – Diera City Centre. We were there till 11.45pm. The mall closed at 12.00pm but I was so surprised to see still many people busied shopping till late hours.

We drove back to Oman today n arrived around 5pm. I don’t know when I will have the opportunity to go to Dubai again. But if this will be my last trip here, I had really enjoyed every time I spent there. Since I stayed in Oman, I had been to Dubai more than ten times. It’s a modern city with drastic development. One can’t believe that in the middle of the deserts u can see the amazing sky scrappers rising up everywhere like mushrooms. That not to mention with the modern n advance facilities, plan n ideas that they have here. It’s amazing.

Tonite I am busying washing all my clothes n packing up some things as tomorrow part of my ‘helping machine’ will be taking away….

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

The Day

Today is 13th February. Tarikh ‘keramat’ for me. The date that I will always remember. On this my special day ehemm… if I were to list what I want, surely it will be a very long long list.

I guess I am not the only women in the world who loves surprises, fantasies n desires. And I guess I am not the only one who’s always hoping n dreaming of something that probably unreachable.

I’ve been thru a lot during my past. But I never regrets. I even be thankful to Allah of what I have now. I believe in fate. Whatever happens in my life has already been arranged by Allah S.W.T. It’s already destined for me.

Alhamdullillah We made it even though there were lots of hitch n glitch along the way. I will never stop praying to Allah that He will always protect what we have now.

To my other half, my best friend, my life partner n my soul mate – I love u n will always love u even on the worst days.. Happy Anniversary.

Monday, 11 February 2008

Hakeem's Farewell Party

Later on after finished with Nabila’s Sports Day I went to buy a cake for Hakeem’s party. Today I made a farewell party for Hakeem n his friends at school. We stopped by to get the food at MC Donald then.

Once arrived at Hakeem’s school – Bright Beginning Nursery I saw all the tables had been arranged nicely for the party. The kids were all excited to see the full box of MC Donald Happy Meal. We gathered about 28 children for the party. The kids loved the food n cake so much.

Bright Beginning is the first school for Nabila. She entered there when she was 4 years old. When she goes to BSM, Hakeem then entered the school. I like the teacher n the environment in that school. I even recommended a few Malaysians to send their kids there.

I know Hakeem will miss his friends n teachers there. Well.. according to his teacher.. Hakeem always comes to school with a happy n big smile. His teacher, Miss Debbie will surely miss his big grin!

Nabila's Sports Day

This morning I went to see Nabila’s Sports Day at her school. The children have been split into six teams which every child will compete in each activity. The children will not actually score any points. This is just to emphasis more on participation n personal goals.

The activities consists of Egg n Spoon, Football Skills, Bean Bags, 30m Run, Hoola Hoop, Tails slalom Run n Hopscotch Hoops. I can see that the children loved n enjoyed more on Tails. A ribbon will be hanging behind them as a tail. Then all of them will run n try to catch n pull as many tails as they can from their friends. I had fun watching it. Nabila got two tails in her hand.

The sports lasted for one n half hour. The weather was so nice n not too cold. It’s just not only has the children who enjoyed the games but we parents indeed happy n enjoyed it too.

Sunday, 10 February 2008

Finally Settled

Today we finally managed to clear up our things. I mean all the items that needed to be packed n shipping back to Malaysia. Total up now we have altogether 48 boxes. I felt relieved that it finally settled.

Now it’s just to clear up all the junks n items that we want to give away. I still have some furniture n electrical goods that sold n not be taken yet. Anyway we still have another 15 days to be here in our house. The house that I n my kids love so much.

We will surely gonna miss the house, our bed, toys n everything that we have in here. We have good n nice neighbours around.
I will definetly miss everything here in Oman… Crying 1

Saturday, 9 February 2008

Shop Till You Drop

The weather in Muscat currently is so so cold.. In the morning the temperature always goes down to 14degc. This is the coldest winter that I have encountered so far in Muscat. There even has snow in Jabal Akhdar. Cool ahh…

My kids just recovered from flu n cold. It seems that everybody including me n my friends having flu n cold. We Asian with a thin n delicate skin just cannot stand with this weather. I just cannot imagine how would my hubby survive at his new place with minus degrees Celsius!

This morning I brought my dearest cousin Dhaniah to Mutrah Souq. This is her second visit to this place. She just loves the place so much. She bought lots of souvenir for her family n friends. She just went crazy over it. I had to stop her from spending too much as we still haven’t gone to Dubai yet.

As for me.. since I am leaving Oman n might not be coming back here again, I bought lots of things too (for the remembrance of Oman). I actually never like to go here. I always bring people who came to visit Oman as this is like a must destination to go.

Now I feel sorry to myself... I just realize how beautiful this place is. I just fell in love with the Mutrah Souq. Now only I noticed n appreciated with what they have in here. I feel like I want to buy all the things in there.

Anyway we ended our day happily with full bags in our hand. Dhaniah said she had enough buying things in here. The longer she stay there she’ll end up spending all her money.

Cool ah Oman… that’s what she always said.. hehehehe..

Thursday, 7 February 2008

Farewell Dinner

Last night my friends had a farewell dinner for us. It was held at Oja’s house. We had barb-q n briyani rice. The food of course was good. We started the dinner with the opening speech by Haji n later on by my hubby n me.

We didn’t want last night to be our emotional nite so I didn’t really make it as a goodbye speech. After all I have another two weeks to spend with all my friends here.

Anyway I really appreciate for all the effort of our friends – susah-susah je.. organized the dinner for us. From the bottom of my heart, I n my family would like to thank all of u very much. Especially Oja the ‘tuan rumah’ di atas upacara yg gilang gemilang, Rohaya n Lyn. You girls did it!

Last nite will not be our last makan-makan together. We will sure be doing it again for other reasons – not farewell please..

So I hand it over to u Madam Roy Teethy

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

I Am So Touched

Nabila’s best friend Yasmin will be going to Indonesia for a long holiday today. So Nabila won’t be seeing her before she leave Oman. Yasmin gave Nabila a very beautiful gold earring. We were so touched when received that. Even though Nabila didn’t get her ears pierced yet, I will surely make sure that will be her first earring she gonna wear.

Coincidentally today is also Miss Smales, Nabila’s class teacher birthday. The children gave her a pot of plant. It’s so lovely n green n she loves it so much. And today also is a last day for Zidan. He will be moving to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

At the end of the session, Nabila took photos with Yasmin. They were together since Nursery. I am sure they will miss each other a lot. And I will also miss her mom, Sue who is such a kind n nice lady. They had been staying in Indonesia for 7 years n can even speak Bahasa.

Today is such a touching day for me at my daughter’s school. Tears were in my eyes when I saw Miss Smales hugged n gave a parting gift to Zidan n looking at Zidan's mom Daisy who was sobbing n crying. I know that my turn will be next week..