Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Sayonara 2008

Today is the last day of the year 2008. Lots of incidents happened thru out the year. Some were sad, shocked, blessed, happy n joyful.

In end of February we’ve left Oman for good. After almost five years staying there we bid farewell to the country n beloved friends. Till now the memories staying there are still fresh in my mind.

In early March hubby started his work at the new place/country. It was such a heartbreak for me n my children to see him going for the first time. In the mid March, Nadira started her new life in the boarding school. Another sad moment for me to be separated from her.

In April Nabila n Hakeem started their new term at MAZ International School. Both of them like the school n friends there so much. Hubby was home for his first home visit in May. He got a clean paid holiday for two weeks. All of us were very excited to see him back.

In June, I’ve started my little project of renovating our house. I relocated all the boxes to our rented house. In July I’ve lost my dearest sister friend Prof Jamaliah. I regretted so much that I didn’t manage to see her during her last days. I miss her so much.

In August, I was chosen by Allah S.W.T to perform Umrah. I went there with my mother in-law. My second trip there was such an experience. I went there without hubby n kids.

In September Nabila n Hakeem started their new term at the new school – Nexus World School. This will be permanently for them. This month also after for so long I was able to enjoy the Ramadhan here. I was going crazy with the Pasar Ramadhan. Hubby managed to come back at the end of Ramadhan for his holiday.

We celebrated Eid Aidilfitri In October. Our first raya was at Malacca n drove down to Alor Setar on the second day. I was very happy to celebrate raya here with hubby around.

Finally after all the sweat n tears went thru all the renovations, our new house was ready. I n my children moved in to the house early December. I was rushing up n down to get the house ready before hubby came back for his holiday.

I thank to Allah that hubby was safely arrived home after all the problems at Bangkok n Delhi airport. We celebrated our Eid Adha here n on the second day made our trip to Tioman Island. We really had our good time there as all of the children were here. We also made our first makan-makan session at our new house. We invited friend n relatives.

My 2008 year was a bless year for me. I thank Allah for His kindness of giving me the opportunity to visit Makkah. I also thank Him for giving me n my family a nice beautiful house. A dream house that anybody would love to have.

I am also blessing for having not just pretty handsome children but also healthy, smart n kind. Faizah n Iman got thru their major exams with flying colors.

Goodbye 2008 n may the new year give me a promising n blessing year.

Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Sleep Over

As promised, yesterday my cousin sent her daughter Syafiqah to come for a sleep over at my house. Nabila was so excited to have her around. Once arrived they were non-stop playing. They played, ate, took bath n slept together.

They did everything together which made Hakeem a bit left out. Hakeem was complaining why he didn’t have friend to come n sleep over too. I heard the girls said to him that he is still 5 years old. Wait till he is 6 years old n then he can has his friend to come over. cewah.. macam dah besar je bunyi!

Nevertheless sometimes they’ve been considerate to include Hakeem in their playtime. But of course strictly no barbie doll! They played foot ball, hide n seek n riding a bicycle.

Last night in the middle of the night Nabila came to my room asking me to sleep on my bed. Half an hour after that Shafiqah came too. So at the end four of us were cramped on the bed. Since Nadira is back, I hope tonight they will stay on their bed.

Shafiqah will be here till Thursday. I am planning to bring them for outing tomorrow.

Monday, 29 December 2008

Maal Hijrah 1430

Maal Hijrah, which is also called Awal Muharram, is the first day of Muharram on every Muslim calendar year, which is the first day on muslim calendar.

For the last 4 years when I was staying in Oman, I n other Malaysians used to gather around to mark this New Year. We always had a kenduri n recite the doa akhir tahun n awal tahun. I believe the tradition still continues.

My wish n prayer for this New Year:

May Allah The Gracious, bless us all in this new year and grant us the strength to steadfast with the Quran and Sunnah;
and make a lot of Amal or Good deeds to others.
May Allah grant us good health and also to our family and the whole Ummah. May Allah grant us a lot of wealth in this new year and years to come. Amin.

Saturday, 27 December 2008

My Boy Is 5 Years Old Today

Today is my boy’s birthday – Izzul Hakeem. He is five years old. He is the youngest in the family who also celebrate last birthday at the final month of the year.

Hakeem is a smart n adorable person. At school, he is the favourite among his peers. He can be as tough as steel but sometimes can be soft as snow. He can just be so sensitive. His sisters always complain n pick on him saying that he is just like a baby that I spoilt him so much. He is very close n attach to me.

I think he is trying very hard to prove to them that he is a tough boy! Well.. big sis, just give him a few years n he can be rough as a man.

His daddy wants him to be a pilot but I am a bit reluctant as I am so worried about his safety. But on the second thought, he will surely look handsome with the pilot’s suit.

Happy Birthday Hakeem. Mommy wish u all the happiness n joyous in your life. I always pray that you will always be protected by Allah n have a promising future.

Knowing you're my son makes me so proud as u would stand out in any crowd. You're as bright as the stars that shine above. Mommy always loves u no matter what.

Thursday, 25 December 2008

Pukau Incident

This is a real story. The incident happened to my daughter (Nadira) n my cousin (Piqah). Last Sunday they went to KLCC with my aunty, uncle n other cousins. My aunty went in to Mark & Spencer followed by them. While waiting for her to look n browse around, Nadira, Piqah n Kak Yan waited n sat at so called space/bench which is the mannequin. If u have been there you will notice the black mannequin at the middle of the shop.

After my aunty paid n done they walked out n headed to the other shop. Suddenly Nadira realized that she had lost her hand phone. She was panic n went back to all the shops that they went in (which only Mark & Spencer, MNG).

While everybody was like trying to remember, checked around n walked to the shop, Piqah got a phone call that somebody found her purse. The call was from a salesgirl from Mark & Spencer. They went straight there n were told that the purse was found in the red shopping bag belong to M&S. In Piqah’s purse only left her IC n some ID n her RM400 was gone.

Together with Piqah’s purse also someone’s purse which belongs to the English Lady. When they checked n asked the salesgirl, this was not the first time happened. It happened a lot in the M&S especially during weekend. When asked to check from the CCTV, surprisingly M&S only has one CCTV installed at the cashier area. None was installed at the other area except at the cashier.

According to the salesgirl this was done thru ‘pukau’. We believed this happened to Piqah n Nadira as well. Piqah was carrying a sling bag which always dangled in front of her body. She didn’t spend any single cent yet. If somebody was trying to snatch or open the bag, she will definitely feel it.

Three of them were sitting at the mannequin. We suspected this pukau people stand in front of them n asked Piqah to hand over the purse n at the same time Nadira who was busy with the phone was dragged too. Kak Yan who was together with them didn’t see anybody passing by in front of them. She didn’t lost anything as maybe the pukau timing has to be quick.

If the salesgirl from M&S didn’t call Piqah she didn’t realize at all that she had lost her purse. This pukau incident also happened to their staffs that were stationed at the booth. They lost a few hundreds from the cash box. It also happened in the other shop along that stretch but the famous one is M&S.

Both of them were so shocked n scared. They were in a shower scrubbing their body non-stop for almost an hour. They tried very hard to recalled what was happenned but they didn't remember anything at all. I feel sorry for them but at the same time feel blessed that nothing serious harmed them. Just imagine if those pukau people took them away or do something.

Please be extra careful when walk around in the Mall especially with lots of foreigner. The suspect pukau people are those black people n Middle East. They dress smartly look unsuspicious walk in to the big branded shop to find their victims.

Monday, 22 December 2008

Snow The Pet

Almost RM300 had gone from my purse today due to the excitement of my children to have a pet. They actually wanted to have a pet long time ago. It started with a fish, kitten then hamster. They begged me to have one at home. Unfortunately I didn’t approve it as I don’t like pets at home. I told them if u want pet, have it when u have your own home.

However today when they saw a pet shop n went inside, they found a rabbit. It’s a small white rabbit. They begged n pleaded me to have it. What made my heart melt was the way Hakeem n Nabila begged me. They were non-stop asking then promised me that they will take care of the rabbit.

So finally I did something against my principal. I let them have it with long list of conditions. After the mutual agreement done between me n them, I let them chose the rabbit n shopping for the gadgets needed for the pet.

When it’s time to go back home, Nadira carried the rabbit which was packed in a box. The moment she went inside the car the rabbit peed on her lap n it dripped in my car. I was shocked n stunned. I immediately screamed n asked Nadira to take the rabbit out from the car but it was too late.

Nadira who was very protective to the rabbit, told me that rabbit’s pee is odourless. Sampai sanggup tadah air kencing n let the rabbit peed on her lap. This I salute her. She proved to me that she really responsible n keep her words. Tak tau lah berapa lama bertahan….

They named the rabbit SNOW. They were non-stop caressing n playing with the rabbit.

Sunday, 21 December 2008

Parting Again....

Today is the day. The day after 21days hubby back home, today he has to go again. Last night Nabila has started crying, weeping n begging his daddy not to go n leaves her again. She at the end fell asleep hugging my hubby till morning.

Alhamdullilah today Hakeem was fully awake with a bright eyes n happy smile. He has recovered from fever. He too was non-stop talking to his daddy.

We went to the airport in the afternoon. Everybody including me was reluctant to see hubby going. I wish that he could stay longer. But things happen as it has to be. I just pray that this wont be long.

During the parting time, Nabila just couldn’t control her emotion. She was terribly sad n kept hugging n telling my hubby not to go. When saw her daddy went down the escalator, she cried silently n just looked until her daddy was gone from our sight. Hakeem stood there too n didn’t want to go back home.

I was touched n tears were in my eyes when looking at them like that. This was not our first time but every time it will always like the first time we parting.

I hope hubby will have a safe journey n safely arrive. We will surely miss him.

Saturday, 20 December 2008

Lunch & Party

Yesterday my relatives from Kedah arrived in the evening. Today early in the morning me, hubby, cousin, uncle n aunty went to the fish market. I am going to have a second round of ‘makan-makan’ session. I invited my brother, cousin n hubby’s friend.

Today’s lunch was superb delicious. It has been so long that I didn’t gather n meet my relatives from Kedah. We had our lauk-lauk kampong – asam pedas, siput sedut, kerang, ikan goreng, sambal belacan, ulaman, etc. It was really finger licking good.

After lunch we had a birthday party for Hakeem. His birthday is actually on 28Dec. Everyday he kept asking when is his birthday n wants to make a party, so today we decided to have one for him.

Sadly he was not feeling very well. He was caught with fever n tried to make himself to enjoy the party. At the end of the day he was getting very weak n the fever was very high. We went to the hospital at 12midnight for medication.

I hope n pray that he will get better tomorrow.

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Sweet 19 - Faizah

I would like to wish a very Happy Birthday to my dearest daughter Ashley Faizah. I’ve known you since you were a sweet cute little girl to now a grown up beautiful young lady. You n I have a very special bonding that only both of us could feel n understand.

I might not be able to be with you at certain time during your up n down but that doesn’t mean that you are forgotten. To me, you are always be part of my life n have a special place in my heart.

I enjoy being in your presence and on you I can always depend. We sometimes share the same interest n secrets. You are also a very good friend n a good listener.

You are now a smart matured 19 years old lady. You are the idol n inspiration of your sisters n brother. They love n respect you so much.

Faizah.... Mommy wish you all the best n all your dreams come true. May this special day bring you lots of happiness. I always pray that you will have a happy life n success in your future undertaking.

Wherever you are n what ever you do just remember I care n love you.

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

The New Experience

Today my hubby n I decided to bring all our children to the cinema. We went to TGV Sunway Pyramid for Madagascar 2 movie. The most excited were Nabila n Hakeem. This is their first time being to the cinema. The last time I went to the cinema was about 7 years ago when I was pregnant for Nabila. I went to watch Scenario the Movie with Faizah.

There were eight of us sitting in a row. Hakeem was the one who’s always laughing out loud watching where as Nabila quietly concentrating the story. Both of them were really watching n concentrating the movie. It was a nice story with cute animals, silly humorous songs.

I bet after this, Nabila n Hakeem will be asking me again to go to the cinema. They really enjoyed the show n were non-stop talking about it.

Sunday, 14 December 2008

Nasi Daging

This year of Raya Haji my family made korban – one in Kedah n one in Malacca. On the first day of raya in Malacca we went to see the ritual. As in Kedah it was done on the second day of raya. On the day we went back home, my mother in-law gave 2 packs of daging korban sedekah by others who did the korban as well.

So today I decided to cook Nasi Daging. This is my family favourite dish. I think the last time I cooked for them when I was in Miri n Oman. When they got to know that I will cook Nasi Daging today, everybody was screaming happily. Then they started to ungkit mengungkit that they haven’t eaten it for so long n they requested it n I just ignored it. Ok.. ok..ok..

Once it ready, we had our lunch – Nasi Daging with Air Asam at the ‘pangkin’. Siap bertambah semuanya…. Memang menyelerakan.

Saturday, 13 December 2008


We had safely arrived last night at Subang Airport, 6.00pm. Everybody was so excited to be home. At night I went out did some groceries as tomorrow we gonna have our first ‘makan-makan’ session at our house.

We invited our close friends, brother n in-laws. There were around 30 people who came. I cooked soto, baked macaroni, grilled chicken wings, kek lapis, cup cakes, n fruit salad. Our hi-tea session started at 4.30pm.

Alhamdullilah I managed to get it all done before the guest turned up. Thanks also to all my girls for being so helpful, helping me with all the preparations.

On top of that, I am so happy to see my brothers (Amil & Paul), Nazri, cousins Dhaniah, Eekmal n also our friends from Oman – Razak family.

p/s: Very sorry. I was very busy n forgot to take any pictures. Even my kids who are camera freak pun tak ingat to snap any photos.

Thursday, 11 December 2008

Indulging Myself

I always wanted to do this but I always never have a chance to find a time for it. The last time I did my face facial was a year ago. I think I am a kind of person that can never have my mind relax n stop thinking n computing unsettled matters n task to be done next n next. Even when I did facial, I always requested to have it not more than 30minutes.

Today my hubby asked me to go for a spa at the hotel - Ayura Spa. He volunteered to look after Nabila & Hakeem n let me have all the time for myself. I took the 2 hours package which includes aromatherapy massage n body scrubs.

Actually I don’t really like my body to be massaged except during the confinement time (which I have no choice). I always have the negative view of these massaging things. And now I have to take back all my words as for the first time in my life I learned to appreciate it.

It started with the body scrubs which I like best. It was totally like a makeover to my skin. Then followed with the gentle calming massage with the smell of soothing aroma plus the background music, I almost felt asleep. I felt like floating in the air.

What I can say is it was worth the money. For the two hours my body n mind was in a state of deep relaxation. I will definitely make visiting spa is in my next monthly agenda.

By the way the weather is superb today. Last night I thought I heard sounds of raining while sleeping. In the evening I spent my time soaking myself in the pool with the children.

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Adventurous In Tioman Island

Today the weather is so clear n good. Our second day in Tioman Island started with swimming at the pool n building castle by the beach. In the afternoon the children rented bicycles for sight seeing around the hotel. At 2.00pm we went to the Marine Park for our snorkelling activities. Since the condition of the sea is still unsafe we were only had a chance to go to the Marine Park.

Not many corals to see there but there were lots of fish. So for the amateur like us kira ok lah… Faizah as usual the adventurous easily adapt to this activities. As for Nurul n Iman, they were scared at first n didn’t have confident to go into the sea. After 15minutes building up their confident n trying at last they managed to be in the sea by themselves.

Nabila n Hakeem were very excited looking at the variety kind of fish n colours. They were non-stop happily fed the fish. I went for snorkelling for a while as thru the half way I was losing my confident as I thought I saw a snake under my feet!

After finished with the snorkelling activities, the children continued swimming at the pool. I just wonder where they got all the energy. They just never get tired whenever they see the pool or beach.

Our night ended with a dinner accompanied by the live performance from a Philippine’s band.

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Get-Away Holiday

I n my family now are in Tioman Island. We decided to go to an island for our family holiday. Frankly I didn’t really know or alert at all (maybe forgot) that at the end of the year is the monsoon season in Malaysia. When I told my relatives n friends that we were going to Tioman Island, everybody said that I will be spending my holiday in the room as it will be raining thru out the days.

I was so frustrated n started to panic when hear that. But then my hubby said we just go there n spend the holiday as planned. After all, the hotel n flight had been pre-booked n paid. I crossed my finger n pray that it will not be rain during our stay there.

When arrived at the airport n stepped in the plane, I was surprised to see the plane was fully occupied with passengers. I told myself this is a good sign as we were not the only family who travel there during this season. We arrived at the Tioman Island today at 1.45pm. The weather at that time was so clear n bright. I was so happy n grateful to see the sun shined up brightly.

We quickly had our lunch as the kids couldn’t wait anymore. They were so excited seeing the pool n beach. We spent our time swimming at the pool and playing at the beach. The children were totally enjoying themselves n didn’t want to stop until I forced them to.

We were told by the hotel people that boats coming to the Island were temporary stop a few days back due to the unstable weather. No wonder there were not many people staying at the hotel. My children were totally happy swimming, screaming, did their action stunts n took control of the pool like they own the hotel!

It was actually non-stop raining for the last two days n we were lucky to have this kind of weather today. Those people at the island predict that this nice weather will continue for a few days. I hope so… while we are here so that we can happily enjoy our holiday.

Our first day in Tioman Island went well n to be continued tomorrow.