Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Sleep Over

As promised, yesterday my cousin sent her daughter Syafiqah to come for a sleep over at my house. Nabila was so excited to have her around. Once arrived they were non-stop playing. They played, ate, took bath n slept together.

They did everything together which made Hakeem a bit left out. Hakeem was complaining why he didn’t have friend to come n sleep over too. I heard the girls said to him that he is still 5 years old. Wait till he is 6 years old n then he can has his friend to come over. cewah.. macam dah besar je bunyi!

Nevertheless sometimes they’ve been considerate to include Hakeem in their playtime. But of course strictly no barbie doll! They played foot ball, hide n seek n riding a bicycle.

Last night in the middle of the night Nabila came to my room asking me to sleep on my bed. Half an hour after that Shafiqah came too. So at the end four of us were cramped on the bed. Since Nadira is back, I hope tonight they will stay on their bed.

Shafiqah will be here till Thursday. I am planning to bring them for outing tomorrow.

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