Monday, 22 December 2008

Snow The Pet

Almost RM300 had gone from my purse today due to the excitement of my children to have a pet. They actually wanted to have a pet long time ago. It started with a fish, kitten then hamster. They begged me to have one at home. Unfortunately I didn’t approve it as I don’t like pets at home. I told them if u want pet, have it when u have your own home.

However today when they saw a pet shop n went inside, they found a rabbit. It’s a small white rabbit. They begged n pleaded me to have it. What made my heart melt was the way Hakeem n Nabila begged me. They were non-stop asking then promised me that they will take care of the rabbit.

So finally I did something against my principal. I let them have it with long list of conditions. After the mutual agreement done between me n them, I let them chose the rabbit n shopping for the gadgets needed for the pet.

When it’s time to go back home, Nadira carried the rabbit which was packed in a box. The moment she went inside the car the rabbit peed on her lap n it dripped in my car. I was shocked n stunned. I immediately screamed n asked Nadira to take the rabbit out from the car but it was too late.

Nadira who was very protective to the rabbit, told me that rabbit’s pee is odourless. Sampai sanggup tadah air kencing n let the rabbit peed on her lap. This I salute her. She proved to me that she really responsible n keep her words. Tak tau lah berapa lama bertahan….

They named the rabbit SNOW. They were non-stop caressing n playing with the rabbit.

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Mum and Roses said...

if Fatini and Emir know that Nabila is keeping a pet, habislah I....