Sunday, 21 December 2008

Parting Again....

Today is the day. The day after 21days hubby back home, today he has to go again. Last night Nabila has started crying, weeping n begging his daddy not to go n leaves her again. She at the end fell asleep hugging my hubby till morning.

Alhamdullilah today Hakeem was fully awake with a bright eyes n happy smile. He has recovered from fever. He too was non-stop talking to his daddy.

We went to the airport in the afternoon. Everybody including me was reluctant to see hubby going. I wish that he could stay longer. But things happen as it has to be. I just pray that this wont be long.

During the parting time, Nabila just couldn’t control her emotion. She was terribly sad n kept hugging n telling my hubby not to go. When saw her daddy went down the escalator, she cried silently n just looked until her daddy was gone from our sight. Hakeem stood there too n didn’t want to go back home.

I was touched n tears were in my eyes when looking at them like that. This was not our first time but every time it will always like the first time we parting.

I hope hubby will have a safe journey n safely arrive. We will surely miss him.

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