Thursday, 4 December 2008

Everybody Is Here

Hubby had safely arrived 2 days ago. When he told me that he’ll be coming back thru Delhi n arrive on Monday morning, all of us were very excited. Then again he said that he might be cancelling the flight as the Delhi airport got bomb threat n it might not be safe. My worries continued.

After a thorough confirmation n assurance, hubby decided to come back n took the flight thru Delhi. Thanks God that he was safely arrived. Only Allah knows how worried I was n couldn’t sleep thru out the night thinking about him.

On his first day of arrival I cooked special lunch for him. In the evening after fetching kids from school, the daddy got Nabila n Hakeem a surprised by buying them a bicycle. They were so excited n happy.

Last night we got invited for a dinner at my sis in-law house. So kind of her prepared n cooked for us dinner though she was busy n tired. Tonight we have Nurul n Iman. Now I have everybody in the house except for the eldest, Faizah as she is now attending the BTN course.

Tomorrow I will be fetching Faizah at Sepang n be going back to Malacca for our Eid Adha holiday. This time of holiday will be the happy n blast for all of us in the family. We have list of activities in line waiting.

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