Saturday, 27 December 2008

My Boy Is 5 Years Old Today

Today is my boy’s birthday – Izzul Hakeem. He is five years old. He is the youngest in the family who also celebrate last birthday at the final month of the year.

Hakeem is a smart n adorable person. At school, he is the favourite among his peers. He can be as tough as steel but sometimes can be soft as snow. He can just be so sensitive. His sisters always complain n pick on him saying that he is just like a baby that I spoilt him so much. He is very close n attach to me.

I think he is trying very hard to prove to them that he is a tough boy! Well.. big sis, just give him a few years n he can be rough as a man.

His daddy wants him to be a pilot but I am a bit reluctant as I am so worried about his safety. But on the second thought, he will surely look handsome with the pilot’s suit.

Happy Birthday Hakeem. Mommy wish u all the happiness n joyous in your life. I always pray that you will always be protected by Allah n have a promising future.

Knowing you're my son makes me so proud as u would stand out in any crowd. You're as bright as the stars that shine above. Mommy always loves u no matter what.


Auntie Roy said...

Happy birthday to you the superhero Hakim....we miss u and yr handsome smile.

My corner said...

Happy birthday handsome boy..Rasyad miss u a lot...