Thursday, 25 December 2008

Pukau Incident

This is a real story. The incident happened to my daughter (Nadira) n my cousin (Piqah). Last Sunday they went to KLCC with my aunty, uncle n other cousins. My aunty went in to Mark & Spencer followed by them. While waiting for her to look n browse around, Nadira, Piqah n Kak Yan waited n sat at so called space/bench which is the mannequin. If u have been there you will notice the black mannequin at the middle of the shop.

After my aunty paid n done they walked out n headed to the other shop. Suddenly Nadira realized that she had lost her hand phone. She was panic n went back to all the shops that they went in (which only Mark & Spencer, MNG).

While everybody was like trying to remember, checked around n walked to the shop, Piqah got a phone call that somebody found her purse. The call was from a salesgirl from Mark & Spencer. They went straight there n were told that the purse was found in the red shopping bag belong to M&S. In Piqah’s purse only left her IC n some ID n her RM400 was gone.

Together with Piqah’s purse also someone’s purse which belongs to the English Lady. When they checked n asked the salesgirl, this was not the first time happened. It happened a lot in the M&S especially during weekend. When asked to check from the CCTV, surprisingly M&S only has one CCTV installed at the cashier area. None was installed at the other area except at the cashier.

According to the salesgirl this was done thru ‘pukau’. We believed this happened to Piqah n Nadira as well. Piqah was carrying a sling bag which always dangled in front of her body. She didn’t spend any single cent yet. If somebody was trying to snatch or open the bag, she will definitely feel it.

Three of them were sitting at the mannequin. We suspected this pukau people stand in front of them n asked Piqah to hand over the purse n at the same time Nadira who was busy with the phone was dragged too. Kak Yan who was together with them didn’t see anybody passing by in front of them. She didn’t lost anything as maybe the pukau timing has to be quick.

If the salesgirl from M&S didn’t call Piqah she didn’t realize at all that she had lost her purse. This pukau incident also happened to their staffs that were stationed at the booth. They lost a few hundreds from the cash box. It also happened in the other shop along that stretch but the famous one is M&S.

Both of them were so shocked n scared. They were in a shower scrubbing their body non-stop for almost an hour. They tried very hard to recalled what was happenned but they didn't remember anything at all. I feel sorry for them but at the same time feel blessed that nothing serious harmed them. Just imagine if those pukau people took them away or do something.

Please be extra careful when walk around in the Mall especially with lots of foreigner. The suspect pukau people are those black people n Middle East. They dress smartly look unsuspicious walk in to the big branded shop to find their victims.

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eeik...scary nye....alhamdulillah budak2 tu ok semua