Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Get-Away Holiday

I n my family now are in Tioman Island. We decided to go to an island for our family holiday. Frankly I didn’t really know or alert at all (maybe forgot) that at the end of the year is the monsoon season in Malaysia. When I told my relatives n friends that we were going to Tioman Island, everybody said that I will be spending my holiday in the room as it will be raining thru out the days.

I was so frustrated n started to panic when hear that. But then my hubby said we just go there n spend the holiday as planned. After all, the hotel n flight had been pre-booked n paid. I crossed my finger n pray that it will not be rain during our stay there.

When arrived at the airport n stepped in the plane, I was surprised to see the plane was fully occupied with passengers. I told myself this is a good sign as we were not the only family who travel there during this season. We arrived at the Tioman Island today at 1.45pm. The weather at that time was so clear n bright. I was so happy n grateful to see the sun shined up brightly.

We quickly had our lunch as the kids couldn’t wait anymore. They were so excited seeing the pool n beach. We spent our time swimming at the pool and playing at the beach. The children were totally enjoying themselves n didn’t want to stop until I forced them to.

We were told by the hotel people that boats coming to the Island were temporary stop a few days back due to the unstable weather. No wonder there were not many people staying at the hotel. My children were totally happy swimming, screaming, did their action stunts n took control of the pool like they own the hotel!

It was actually non-stop raining for the last two days n we were lucky to have this kind of weather today. Those people at the island predict that this nice weather will continue for a few days. I hope so… while we are here so that we can happily enjoy our holiday.

Our first day in Tioman Island went well n to be continued tomorrow.

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