Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Adventurous In Tioman Island

Today the weather is so clear n good. Our second day in Tioman Island started with swimming at the pool n building castle by the beach. In the afternoon the children rented bicycles for sight seeing around the hotel. At 2.00pm we went to the Marine Park for our snorkelling activities. Since the condition of the sea is still unsafe we were only had a chance to go to the Marine Park.

Not many corals to see there but there were lots of fish. So for the amateur like us kira ok lah… Faizah as usual the adventurous easily adapt to this activities. As for Nurul n Iman, they were scared at first n didn’t have confident to go into the sea. After 15minutes building up their confident n trying at last they managed to be in the sea by themselves.

Nabila n Hakeem were very excited looking at the variety kind of fish n colours. They were non-stop happily fed the fish. I went for snorkelling for a while as thru the half way I was losing my confident as I thought I saw a snake under my feet!

After finished with the snorkelling activities, the children continued swimming at the pool. I just wonder where they got all the energy. They just never get tired whenever they see the pool or beach.

Our night ended with a dinner accompanied by the live performance from a Philippine’s band.

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Mum and Roses said...

pandai budak2 ni snorkel.... anyway have a good time, bawak balik souvenirs !!!