Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Sayonara 2008

Today is the last day of the year 2008. Lots of incidents happened thru out the year. Some were sad, shocked, blessed, happy n joyful.

In end of February we’ve left Oman for good. After almost five years staying there we bid farewell to the country n beloved friends. Till now the memories staying there are still fresh in my mind.

In early March hubby started his work at the new place/country. It was such a heartbreak for me n my children to see him going for the first time. In the mid March, Nadira started her new life in the boarding school. Another sad moment for me to be separated from her.

In April Nabila n Hakeem started their new term at MAZ International School. Both of them like the school n friends there so much. Hubby was home for his first home visit in May. He got a clean paid holiday for two weeks. All of us were very excited to see him back.

In June, I’ve started my little project of renovating our house. I relocated all the boxes to our rented house. In July I’ve lost my dearest sister friend Prof Jamaliah. I regretted so much that I didn’t manage to see her during her last days. I miss her so much.

In August, I was chosen by Allah S.W.T to perform Umrah. I went there with my mother in-law. My second trip there was such an experience. I went there without hubby n kids.

In September Nabila n Hakeem started their new term at the new school – Nexus World School. This will be permanently for them. This month also after for so long I was able to enjoy the Ramadhan here. I was going crazy with the Pasar Ramadhan. Hubby managed to come back at the end of Ramadhan for his holiday.

We celebrated Eid Aidilfitri In October. Our first raya was at Malacca n drove down to Alor Setar on the second day. I was very happy to celebrate raya here with hubby around.

Finally after all the sweat n tears went thru all the renovations, our new house was ready. I n my children moved in to the house early December. I was rushing up n down to get the house ready before hubby came back for his holiday.

I thank to Allah that hubby was safely arrived home after all the problems at Bangkok n Delhi airport. We celebrated our Eid Adha here n on the second day made our trip to Tioman Island. We really had our good time there as all of the children were here. We also made our first makan-makan session at our new house. We invited friend n relatives.

My 2008 year was a bless year for me. I thank Allah for His kindness of giving me the opportunity to visit Makkah. I also thank Him for giving me n my family a nice beautiful house. A dream house that anybody would love to have.

I am also blessing for having not just pretty handsome children but also healthy, smart n kind. Faizah n Iman got thru their major exams with flying colors.

Goodbye 2008 n may the new year give me a promising n blessing year.

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