Saturday, 20 December 2008

Lunch & Party

Yesterday my relatives from Kedah arrived in the evening. Today early in the morning me, hubby, cousin, uncle n aunty went to the fish market. I am going to have a second round of ‘makan-makan’ session. I invited my brother, cousin n hubby’s friend.

Today’s lunch was superb delicious. It has been so long that I didn’t gather n meet my relatives from Kedah. We had our lauk-lauk kampong – asam pedas, siput sedut, kerang, ikan goreng, sambal belacan, ulaman, etc. It was really finger licking good.

After lunch we had a birthday party for Hakeem. His birthday is actually on 28Dec. Everyday he kept asking when is his birthday n wants to make a party, so today we decided to have one for him.

Sadly he was not feeling very well. He was caught with fever n tried to make himself to enjoy the party. At the end of the day he was getting very weak n the fever was very high. We went to the hospital at 12midnight for medication.

I hope n pray that he will get better tomorrow.

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