Friday, 5 December 2008

The 'Star'

Today is the last day of Nabila n Hakeem schooling. Actually their school term end next Friday but since Monday is Raya Haji holiday n hubby is home so ponteng lah..

When I fetched Hakeem from his class I was surprised by him n his class teacher that he has been selected again to be STAR OF THE WEEK. He was so happy n proud showing me the certificate.

This time he has been chosen because ‘YOU WERE WORKING EXTREMELY HARD DURING THE LAST FEW WEEKS. YOU ARE ALWAYS VERY HELPFUL, PATIENT AND KIND.’ Well done Hakeem. Mommy is really proud of you.

I also got the end of term report for Nabila. I am totally impressed with the detailed report written by her class teacher. She got an excellent achievement for each subjects. The overall comments by the class teacher – ‘NABILA IS A BRIGHT N RELIABLE CHILD. SHE HAS CONFIDENCE IN HER ACHIEVEMENT AND IS ALWAYS READY N EAGER TO LEARN MORE. SHE ALWAYS APPLIES HERSELF DILEGENTLY. SHE IS FRIENDLY AND IS A POPULAR MEMBER OF THE CLASS.’

Both Nabila n Hakeem are really a ‘star’. I am happy n proud with their achievements. I will surely buy something for them for their great performance at school. I wish, hope n pray that they will always maintain n success in their schooling.

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