Sunday, 30 November 2008


Hubby is supposed to come back next week. The normal flight he takes will transit at the Suvanarbhumi, Bangkok Airport. Regrettably the Bangkok Airport is still closed. They said it will be closed till 29th Nov but till today I foresee there will be any chances that it will be opened soon. If… if it will be open tomorrow, still with all the messy n chaos that stormed the airport it won’t be safe for everybody.

I don’t want to talk about those stupid dumb protesters who are trying to ruin their own country. My worries n concerns now go to my dearest hubby. Me n kids are looking forward for his holiday. We got plans n everything for the family. Whatever it is all of us just want him to be back here.

I definitely sure that he won’t be able to take flight that route to Bangkok. There are several alternative flights that he can take which transit thru Dubai, Delhi, etc to Malaysia. Maybe those flights will take a longer journey from usual but it will better than nothing.

I have never stopped praying that hubby will be safe. I cannot lie, but deep inside me I am so damn worried. I am so worried about him. My dad, aunty, mother in-law, kids, relatives have never stop calling me asking about him.

Ya Allah, please look after my dearest hubby. Permudahkan segala urusan perjalan pulangnya. Semoga dia selamat sampai ke pangkuan kami sekeluarga.

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