Thursday, 6 November 2008


I was awake by Hakeem at 3.45am this morning. He suddenly got up cried telling me that he was having a bad dream. He was a bit shaken n looked frightened. I calmed n soothed him down. I told him that it was just a dream. He then fell asleep snuggling around me.

This morning when he woke up, I pretended like nothing happened last night n didn’t want to ask him about the dream. To my surprise that dream really stamped in his head. He was anxiously telling me that he had a bad dream last night.

Hakeem said in the dream he had grown up to a big boy. Someone was chasing him then kicked his stomach n was trying to kill him. He then shouted for help from his daddy. Ayah.. Ayah.. but Ayah was far away at Khazastan n couldn’t help me. Hakeem said that he was so terrified n scared.

At the end of the story I saw his eyes was red n tears slowly came out from the corner of his eyes. Then I realized this dream really gave a big impact to him. Hakeem is a tough boy n seldom cries. Whenever he is been scolded by me, he will always trying not to cry. He will show his stubbornness n keras hati to me.

I didn’t realized that kid as young as him would have a bad dream that he himself remembered it so well n disturbed him. Hakeem is fine now. Maybe after he told me about the dream he felt better. And I am sure now that he is much better after seeing his friends at school.

I guess the indication of the dream is my boy miss his daddy so much.

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