Thursday, 13 November 2008

The 'Pangkin'

When we decided to design n renovate the house, one of the criteria is the house must be cosy n comfy. I would love to have a modern, stylish area for the guest n at the same time to also have an area for our family or even guest to lepak-lepak with no restrictions at all.

We build our lepak-lepak place at the side area of the house which adjoining to the dining hall. When I proposed this to my I.D she came out with a few designs which at the end I chose this. At first she proposed to me what she called ‘lanai’ or ‘gazebo’. It looked common to me. I want to have a bit of traditional elements but at the same time still look simple n classy.

So this it is, our lepak-lepak place! I call this ‘pangkin’. It reminds me those days I have this at the back of my mom’s kitchen except hers was the simple one from ordinary wood. She used this place to prepare her food or even lepak-lepak there. Now this pangkin at my house definitely will be my family’s favourite place especially hubby.

This is also will be our place to have our breakfast, tea or even for the kids to lie down n get lazy. Hmm.. just imagine drinking coffee in cawan batu ala-ala kopitiam with cok kodok pisang dgn angin sepoi-sepoi bahasa.. with greens n lots of greens around the house. It’s so lovely n pleasing.

By the way the picture above was taken this evening. The pangkin is ready but still needs more touch up here n there.


Abdul Q said...

kalau letak kipas angin ceiling memang syok punya

miester said...

ini "pangkin" mau CF ka dari MPSA? huuhhuhu

kirana said...

haii..salam ziarah
terjmpa link ni masa search pangkin..hubby tgh cari org nk wat ..
kalo tak keberatan..brp kos pangkin ni?