Saturday, 8 November 2008

Sentimental Value

When we moved from Miri to Oman, we gave away n sold off almost every bulky items that we had including cars. But there is only one item that I was really reluctant to let go. It’s a cabinet made from kayu jati. Me n hubby are not really into this kayu jati furniture. In Miri, the kayu jati furnitures are so cheap n beautiful n almost all houses there have at least one. I managed to persuade my hubby to buy one for me!

I really took good care of it n everybody in the house knew that cabinet was like my ‘treasure’. This cabinet has been shipped from Miri n kept in the storage for 4 years while we were in Oman n then resided in my new house store room for 1 year.

When recovered our house had being attacked by Cik Anai-Anai most of our boxes full with books/documents got damaged. The damaged didn’t only affect our storage item but also the electrical wires. When I saw all that I didn’t gave so much hope to this cabinet. Those creepy nuisance bugs must have attacked my cabinet as well.

I never bother to open n check on it till today. Tomorrow people will start cleaning my house n I need to empty the store room. I asked helped from workers there to carry it out from the store room n unpacked it.
I screamed happily when I saw it. Rasa mcm nak peluk tapi nanti over ah pulak. Sure mat indon ni cakap tak betul makcik ni! The cabinet was still intact n look good. It’s still shining n like new. I immediately fell in love with it back. I touched n caressed the cabinet n felt so overwhelming about it.

The problem now is I don’t know where to put this cabinet. All our bedrooms are designed with built-in wardrobe. The concept design of my house is modern contemporary. And this jati cabinet is surely way way out from the concept.


Dylela Baharudin said...

Berilah pada mereka yg memerlukan... (Read:DIKDA!! heheh)

Anonymous said...

please read in Indian in Oman slang..
"you can put the cabinets in my house, nothing's there even you can play badminton all day long..." please call my gsm, please spell my name correctly..yem yey yen yen yai yey yem.... just call me maikel....