Friday, 28 November 2008

Happy Sweet 14 - Nadira

Today Nadira turns to 14. She is now a grown up beautiful elegant young lady. When I look at her, I can’t believe how fast time flies. 14 years ago I was struggling giving birth to her which at the end I had to go for cesarean. She was a healthy cutest baby. She is the favourite – cucu kesayangan of my late mom. My mom used to drag her everywhere she went n bought lots of special things for her.

She likes MTV but I don’t. She loves all the weird cheesy food but I don’t. She is so particular about wearing matching colors from head to toe but I love mixing matching colors. She is so good in art n drawing but I don’t.

I am the early riser where as she is so difficult to get up in the morning. I am very perfectionist n always want things in order but she don’t care about that at all. She loves cat but I don’t.

Though we have opposites habits n believes but we do get along very well. She sometimes can be my friend, buddy n fashion adviser. But at the other times she can also sometimes drive me up the wall.

No matter what she has done to me – made me cry or laugh, she is still the one special in my life. You are the best thing that has happened in my life.

To my dearest Nadira, Mommy wish u a very happy birthday. There might be no balloons, no big cakes or celebrations but it doesn’t mean that this special day u are forgotten. I hope that all your dreams n wishes come true. I always pray that you will succeed in your study n life.

No one can ever replace you, no one can be the best thing in my life. Mommy loves you Deea.

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Dylela Baharudin said...

Hi Deea...
Maksu sent u besday message last nite @ 0030hrs! Since there's no reply, probably u didnt rcv it or else,u changed ur no again?? heheh

By the way,
Happy Sweet 14th dahling! May your futures ahead full of joy & happiness...(ehem...ehem..handsome boipren perhaps?? ;p)
Have a blast celebration!!


*Any request as birthday prezen? Sila order, tp jgn la mahal2.hehe. If u hv anything in mind, just let me know okke..... Mwahhhhh2!