Sunday, 2 November 2008

Growing Flowers

This morning I went to the big famous morning market near Stadium Shah Alam. I love to go there but not my children. So I normally went there alone or with hubby if he’s around. Today I went with Hakeem.

One of the main reasons is to buy plant seeds for Nabila n Hakeem. A few months back I already bought plant seeds for Nabila’s school project. I bought extra for both of them to experiment it at home. I bought kailan & long beans seeds (very ambitious) together with soil, growing inducer n pot.

The one at Nabila’s school (tomato seeds) grew up into a small tree but the one at our house appeared nothing at all. Nabila n Hakeem were frustrated as both of them devotedly watered n visited their plant every now n then.

A few weeks after that they gave n forgot about it. One day to their surprise I bought another plant seeds which at that time was flowers. That time I followed all the instructions n tips given by the person who sold it. Unfortunately still the seeds didn’t pop up to be a tree!

I guess it was me. I heard people said it depends on your hands, tangan panas pokok sure tak hidup. Indeed it’s true. I love to see green leaves n plants in my house. I did try a few times before but none of the plants actually survived. So at the end I just let my maid took over as she loves to grow plants. So we had lots kind range of vegetables, ulam including grapes.

And last night my two gems here kept bugging me to buy for them seeds as they wanted to do some gardening. So this morning instead of buying them seeds, I bought them 2 pots of flowers. Hakeem chose the purple n pink for Nabila. When they asked me why didn’t I buy seeds, my answer to them – the seeds will take long time to grow into a tree. So this flowers are already grown n u just have to water n take care of it.

So now they are happy with their new flowers n duty. They kept talking, looking n watering the flower non-stop till I had to stop them doing it. So let see how long this will last…

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