Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Birthday Cake & Presents

Nabila used to have her yearly bash birthday party. Sadly this year I won’t be able to do it for her. Today after she came back from school, I organized a small party for her. It’s just for her to blow the candle n open the presents.

She looked very excited n happy with the cake n presents. But deep inside her I knew that she wished for everybody in the family to be here. I am feeling guilty for not be able to make this special day to what she expected it to be.

As usual I am still hooked up to the endless activities at my new house, running here n there. I was only being able to buy her birthday present this morning. While looking around for the gifts, Mr Contractor called me asking me to rush back to the site as the alarm people were there.

I was stuck there till noon. Then suddenly I remembered that I haven’t bought a cake for Nabila. It was 2.00pm n I quickly drove to Giant to buy a cake for her. It was heavy rain when I was out from there n had to rush to pick her n Hakeem from school. While I was driving, I just remembered that I forgot to get a birthday card for her.

I was totally devastated n immediately got the migraine. I felt so bad, terrible n almost burst into tears. I was having a deep thought about all of these. I was looking forward for her birthday but why is it that I had been so disorganized with my plans. I always got tired when got back home n immediately dozed off. I wish that I could have more time n energy.

Deep inside me I feel so guilty n bad. I used to bake cake for her but this year I did not. I always get a new dress for her birthday party but this year I did not. I used to be busy cooking n organizing party for her but this year I did not. I am so sorry Nabila.

Nabila will have another party with her friends at school on this Friday. I’ve ordered cupcakes n partly prepared goodie bags for the party. I still have to get some more stuff for goodie bags tomorrow. I will make sure that she will have a wonderful party with her friends on that day.

I also plan to have another birthday party for her, Deea, Faizah, Iman n Hakeem when my hubby is around. This I promise will be a blast party for them.

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