Sunday, 16 November 2008

The Tiring Sunday

At 9.00am this morning I started shifting my things from our staying house to the new house. I put boxes in the car but managed to squeeze in only four boxes. I put two boxes at the boot n another two at the back seat. I was saying to myself if I were to do this, it will take hundreds trips to finish it all.

After sent those boxes, I tried another method by unpacked all the items in the boxes. Then put it all in a big basket or plastic bags. And yallahhh… I managed to unpack around 10 boxes per trip. For today, I only unpacked kitchenware. I did four round trips.

After sent all the boxes to the new house, me n my children stayed there to unwrap all the kitchenware to be arranged in the cabinet. I am thankful that the two big girls (Faizah n Deea) are around to give a hand. Even Nabila n Hakeem were excited to help as well.

After unwrapped n arranged all the kitchenware in the cabinet, our kitchen was filled up with piles of packaging paper. After putting all the packaging papers in the bin bag, we then squeezed in to the car n threw it to the big rubbish bin behind my condo. For this, I had to make three round trips!

It was raining heavily n we had to carry those rubbish n threw it in the big rubbish bin. Today was such a tiring day for me. But on the other hand I am glad that I managed to clear up part of stored boxes.

Tomorrow will be another day for me to continue with other tasks. People are coming for curtain n lighting installation. I am also planning to shift more things to the house. For now I hope I will have a good rest n sleep tonight…

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