Thursday, 27 November 2008

Sink Or Swim

I tried to be a superwoman but I can’t. I tried to get things done perfectly but I can’t. I am currently juggling in between fulfilling my family needs n settling my house project.

I have started moving to my new house 4 days ago. I am not just moving my ‘body’ there but also at the same time transporting all the things from the old house. I’ve non-stop unpacking n arranging all the belongings. And finally today I’ve managed to tidy up everything. But I still have some of things at the old house that needed to be taken here (maybe that later.. later..)

When I’ve started staying in the house, there was some faulty n defect found. This is actually expected by the Mr Contractor n he encouraged me to go n look for any faulty n inform him. So for the past four days people were coming in n out from the house to repair n fix this n that. So far all had been done except for the alarm.

Somehow the stupid curtain people drilled the wall n touched the wiring of the alarm. All the alarm wiring broken n went haywire. Instead of hacking the effected walls to fix the wire, we found a solution of putting the wireless alarms. I was totally mad about this as I have to pay extra for the cause.

As usual my days started with sending my kids to school n run back home to monitor n make sure works done in order. I wish I could just stay at home n watch the progress but I still need to run some errands like buying groceries n cooking then fetch my kids back from school.

I have long lists of tasks that need to be attended. There are still a few items bought that waited to be sent to the house. These all are just regarding the house. Not yet about my children. My kids got sports day tomorrow. Tomorrow is also Nadira’s birthday. And tomorrow too I will be driving back home to Malacca to fetch Faizah back for her short course.

These running here n there always made me sometime forgot to take my breakfast or lunch. This at the end made me so tired n distressed. I sometimes felt guilty of not being able to attend some of my kids’ functions. I hope that they will understand the situation. I am making the house to be perfect n complete for them for the long run.

I only had a few hours sleep at night. I didn’t go to gym for many days n having disorder mealtime. My face looks so tired n one big pimple started to pop out. Every now n then I feel so discouraging n tried very hard to get things done perfectly. I've been burning the candle at both ends all week.

And again.. I am not a superwoman n not trying to be one. But it’s in all moms' n wife’s dream to be one. All I wish is for extra strength n energy for me to continue with all these.

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