Monday, 11 March 2013

Oh my dear son, I will fight to protect you..

A couple of months ago, I found my son's diary. In his diary was written about his feelings and stories being picked and bullied by his school friends. I was disturbed when read it. I asked my son what was actually going on but he reluctantly wanted to share it with me. I had to talked it out in various ways and took me a few days to get the real story out of him.

Once I got to know what was actually happened, I made an appointment with his class teacher, Mrs T. I showed Mrs T his diary. My son wrote that he had been physically harassed by this boy named ADM since a year ago. He said that he told his class teacher, Mrs K when he was in Year 3 at that time but the teacher didn't attend to this matter. It was always ADM got away with it as he always claimed that it was an accident.

I think after a year being ignored, my son probably got fed up and kept it all to himself. I didn't remember whether he did ever tell me about this. Maybe he did but I took it lightly as I don't want to get involve so much in his 'friendship' matter as I want him to make more friends and if there is any problem arise, he has to try to solve it by himself.

My son is not an easy person to get along well with new people. It normally takes him quite awhile to get closer and be buddy with someone. Once he gets close to a person, he will trust and be with the person till the end. He will endlessly talking all the good things about his friend. When we have to move from one place to others and the children too have to change their school, it really effected them so much. My children always hates the new school and couldn't get over with the previous school they went. Their main issues were always making new friends.

I didn't expect that the problem that my son was facing was very serious. I regret for not listening to him. I feel so bad for not be able to help him when he needed one. I felt terrible for not paying attention to whatever he told me. When I had a talk with his class teacher, Mrs T too was very shocked, upset and felt bad that she too didn't know about this.

I thank to Mrs T and the school who acted immediately on this case. Hakeem was called by the Primary Principal together with ADM. The school has done a thorough investigations on this matter. ADM too admitted that he did whatever mentioned and claimed by my son.

Hakeem came home telling me that he felt so bad looking at ADM who was crying non-stop during their talk with the principal. He even handed over a tissue to him to sooth him down. That is my son.. a very kind hearted gentleman. Though people sometimes being not nice to him, he still be nice to them.

And that is the part that worried me. He is sometimes can be TOO nice that people can take advantage on him. As for now, my son is now happily going to school. I guess he got his 'voice' back. He knows that at last, somebody is listening to him.

As a mother, it breaks my heart knowing that my son has been hurt. I will do anything and fight for everything as long as my child is safe. I wish I can be at anytime with him if he is in trouble and needs help. I wish I can protect him from all the harmful and bad people out there.

I know it is impossible to do all that but trust me my dear son.. Mommy will never let anybody.. not even a single person touch and hurt you again. I promise you that.

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