Thursday, 21 February 2013

Fascinating Malaysian Batik

Batik is a textile art of Malaysia. It is consider as a national dress to every level of general population. Batik Malaysia is recognised by it's distinguish pattern and vivid colours. Every Malaysian own at least a piece of batik. I have dress, skirts, pants and baju kurung made from batik. Batik is an evergreen that can never be out of date or out of place.
Yesterday, we had a "Fascinating Malaysia Batik Show" organized by the Embassy of Malaysia in Muscat. I was one of the committee helping out with the showcase. The Batik was presented by the Faculty Art & Design from University Institut Teknology Mara. They were also here in conjunction of the Muscat Festival that are currently held now. They are promoting the Malaysian Batik to locals.
The showcase that was held yesterday morning were more on promoting batik materials that worn by our beautiful models. The show was superb and all our models (moms) were so sporting. The audience were mostly expats and all the Ambassador's wives.
Beside previewing the show, they also had a chance to buy some Batik materials like scarves, pareo and sarong. There were also some demos on Batik drawing and painting.

It was a successful event for us and I am proud that our Batik has always be the favourite around the world.

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