Saturday, 2 February 2013

Table Top Sales

Last Thursday for the first time, I got involved in the Table Top Sales in Muscat. This is actually like a car boot sale except you sell your things on the tables given. I and my friend shared one table slot. There were 50 tables involved and the event started at 8.00am.

As this is my first time (in my life too actually!), I didn't really know what to expect. I just did some survey from my friends who have involved before. There were actually lots of things in my house that I want to get rid but I just don't know where to start.

As for this event, I started with my children's clothes. There were two big plastics of their clothes that were stored so long. The clothes still looked new as my children just grow up so fast and blame me their mom that also just couldn't stop buying clothes for them.

I have brought probably around 50 pieces of clothes plus some toys and shoes. I came 30 minutes earlier to set up the table. People started coming as early as 8.00 am. For the first 15min, people just looked and passed by our stall without buying anything. Later on my friend got his first item sold - Ferrari baby car seat. Arrghh.. maybe clothes were not the hot items here but I saw there were piles of clothes and shoes sold opposite  my table.

After 5min I got my first sale. Yeehaaa.. and after that I was just busied selling my things as people continuously stopping at our stall. Alhamdullilah I and my friend had our items almost cleared around 10.30am. We waited another hour and we had sold almost 95% of our items!

I felt so happy as I reached my target. This kind of event does not actually helps the low income crowd to get a branded/quality items but also helping the seller getting rid of the unwanted items.

I have sold all my items mostly to the housemaids and general labor workers. Each time when I sold my items, I felt like I had done something good. It was not about making profit here. I want to get rid of my unwanted items and at the same time I want to make others happy getting something that are still new with a very low price.

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