Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Boeing Readers Cup Challenge

My daughter Nabila, has been selected to represent her school for the Boeing Readers Cup Challenge. This is a yearly program run by The Emirates Airline Festival of Literature . All schools around the Gulf participate in this event.

There are four students in a team from her school. Each team from the participated schools will compete against each other in quiz format. Each team will be given four books to read and 20 questions on each book has to be answered by each student during one hour.

Fuuhh.. Nabila has gone through this first stage. She said the questions were very easy and straight forward. Now we are just waiting for the result to be announced whether her school will qualify for the next round.

However despite whether they will qualify to the next round or not, the school will still bring the children to the festival which will be held at the Intercon, Dubai. This will be a fantastic experience and great exposure to the children. During the festival, the children will have a chance to meet the famous author from all over the world. I think this is awesome and Nabila is so looking forward to this event.

Nabila loves to read. She started reading at the age of 4 1/2 years old and never stop till now. She is now 10 years old and already reading the young adults thick book! She sometimes can finish a book in a day. I have to always buy new books for her. The major problem in Muscat here is getting a good suitable book for her to read. I sometimes have to go to Dubai or Malaysia to buy books for her.

She must always have one book in her hand. I don't want to stop this good habit of her as reading really helps her in her literacy. I always get very good remarks from her literacy's teacher. When she was 8 years old, her teacher came to me and said that Nabila's mind was like a sponge. Whatever she sees and read, it will be captured and remain there forever.

This morning, I met her literacy's teacher. Nabila scored the highest mark in her literacy's assessment. The teacher, Miss Briston is very impressed on how she writes the essay. She said "it is so unbelievable that at her age she can write and produce an excellent writing. She is now at the top rank of the year 5 and above the level"

There were tears in my eyes when I hear that. I am a proud mother. You have really make me proud of you, Nabila and today I am the happiest mother on earth. Thank you Allah.

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