Monday, 28 January 2013

Stylin Betty

Being the only girl in the family, my mom always spoiled me with beautiful clothes. She loved to buy me clothes to ensure that I always look nice and pretty. I guess because of that I am now very particular on what I am wearing even on day to day basis.

I am not going to talk about fashion of clothes now as it will take pages but just to highlight on "tudung" or hijab. I've started wearing hijab 9 years ago. The first time I wore it was just a plain square scarves. It was a hit at that time. I manged to learn and fashion it to suit my attire. I on and on buying more scarves with various patterns and colors.

After a while, the fashion of tudung has gradually changed. From a square scarves, I changed to a shawl - this I only survived for a while as I found it was so difficult for me to style it. Gave up on it I moved to tudung bawal. I have devoted to this tudung for quite long. I love this tudung bawal as it was very easy to style it. I had full range of colors and design.

Probably after a couple of years, the market was hit with "tudung ekin". When I was back for a holiday in Malaysia, I found almost everybody on the street wore it. Not to be left out, of course I started buying one and two for a start. I immediately fell in love with it! This tudung is the easiest one to wear and even to style it.

And me, the woman with "sense of fashion" hahahahha... fill my wardrobe with full range of colors and designs of this tudung. I have different kind of colors from various brand, material and patterns. Gosh. if I were to count, I guess all are more than 100 pieces.

The transition of me from one style to another! 

Though the tudung ekin is the most reliable to me so far, still I always feel that I want to try out another style. Nowadays if I were to flip through the magazines, I will definitely feel out of date with my current style. To change a style of tudung is a major thing as it will change and reflects our personality. I cannot style out the tudung like youngsters that I will be looking awkward. I am also do not want to be looking like makcik2.

6 months ago, again I have changed my style of tudung. I still don't have many collections of it but still happy and manage to style it. Yesterday I cleaned up my tudung wardrobe. There are many tudung ekin still hanging nicely there and some are still new that I forgot to wear it! Oh dear.. such a bad girl I am!

Well.. blame the trends that just blow faster than the bullet train. Not that I am the fashion victim here but just someone that wants to be stylish where at the same time be trendy. I just want to wake up in the morning and put on the clothes that will make me smile and boost up my day.

"Don’t be into trends. Don’t make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way you live."
— Gianni Versace

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