Sunday, 27 January 2013

The New "Me"

First of all.. PLEASE DO IGNORE AND EXCUSE my previous post. I somehow just cannot leave my precious blog here.

A week ago, my girlfriend inquired me on how to create a new blog. When asked why did she want to have a new one as she already has one, she said that she has to create a new one as she could no longer have picture on her post. Taaraa.. same problem like mine!

Before I met her, I made some research on it and surprisingly, blogspot now allows you to add pictures directly from the Picasa Web Albums. I did this before but in a 'traditional' way which I had to open a few windows tab to copy and paste the link. It was so messy and got gave up which that was why I created a new blog!

Well now.. I am a happy blogger. I managed to find the solution and can continue blogging here. I am so use to the blogspot that I wouldn't want to change to any other platform.

I hope all of you who I believe still pop in to this blog, will still continue reading my rambling and chatting here.

This is the new "Me" - Scritch & Scratch

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