Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Nabila starts to read

My 4 ½ year daughter Nabila is very adorable, talkative n brilliant. She loves to read, drawing, singing n dancing. She is always curious of every new thing that she encounters. And the latest is that she is eager to read! She can now recognize all the letters n simple words. I used to read her a story book before she goes to sleep.

Last night I have taught her to read sentences from a very simple story book. She did it well. But I just wonder whether she remember the words because I always read to her that book or just because she can really read it..

One thing I’ve noticed the way she learned n recognized words at her British School is from words rhyming, phonics n memorization. Now I am printing out stories from the web site for her to read. She is now so excited and surprisingly she actually recognizes all the words.

Well done Nabila.. Mommy is so proud of you. Keep it up n this weekend we’ll go out to get you more books. The next mission is to teach her to speak Bahasa Melayu. She is now can understand Bahasa but not be able to speak well in sentences.

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NutMean said...

My Mya dah boleh baca....Pak Su Boy will buy for Mya The Twelve Dancing Princesses doll.