Sunday, 22 July 2007

Counting Days for my summer holiday

Me n my family are counting days to go back to Malaysia for our summer holiday. We’ll be back for one month. As usual, 2 weeks in Melaka n 2 weeks in Alor Setar. I have a long list of things to buy.. especially our dry food stock that we can’t find here in Oman (e.g: asam jawa, belacan, ketupat, telur masin n etc).

Not to mention all kind of delicious foods that we are craving for long time.. kuetiaw, sotong kangkung, mee bandung, nasi kandar… huh… cerita banyak tak mau lah.. :)

I miss all my family n relatives back in Kedah. As for now they r too looking forward for my holiday. Can’t wait to see them all. Tunggu…

And not to miss the Mega Sale Carnival.. ehem.. time for shopping.. and for my hubby he will surely start picking up all the golf ‘s skill that he missed for one year.

4 days more to go....

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