Monday, 16 July 2007

Finally Mawi admits..

After been shaken by the news of his X-fiancé Ina Naim engagement, Mawi finally admitted that he is currently in love with somebody. But when asked who is the girl or whether she is Ikin, he said that he will announce it one day n this is his private life.. Arghhh.. Stereo type answer by all Malaysian artists who think they r so damn great.

When Mawi at his early stage of popularity, he claimed once that one of the criterias his future wife must have is wearing ‘tudung’. Looking at his glamorous life now.. Hanging out with all sorts of woman and latest news of getting ‘high’ at Australia.. I doubt that he still remember what he said.

At least Ina Naim found his true love even though he’s not “WORLD” but the most important he is more sincere than her X-fiancé. Whoever that suppose to be Mawi’s ‘lucky woman’, hope you will do great to him coz he can always find other ‘prospect’ out there.


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mntng2 ina famous nak kahwin dia pon nak..

ngek laa

x maluuu


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