Monday, 18 February 2013

The Next "MasterChef"

Woohooo... don't be petrified by the blog title. Frankly, I wish I could be one too - I mean the one that you watch on the TV, the MasterChef series. I actually wanted to enrol myself in the Malaysia MasterChef Season 1. I even filled up the enrolment form but didn't send it because of the many rules that I won't be able to accomplish like being away from the family and has to be fully committed to the program. And because of that I just be one of the die hard fans glued to the couch watching the series while at the same time dreaming I could be one of them!

Anyway, few days back I attended the Cooking Class organized by the Ambassador's Wife Group at the Shang Tai Restaurant. It is a famous restaurant here in Muscat that serves Fine Thai Cuisine. Obviously our class will be learning the Thai Cuisine! It offered the five courses menu from salad, soup and main course.

The class was handled by the famous Master Executive Chef Praiwan from Thailand. Chef Praiwan has a culinary career spanning 22 years, working in range of Thai fine dining restaurants across Middle East and Asia. The class was more on the cooking demonstration from the Chef. He showed and taught us how to prepare all the required ingredients for each of the respective menu.

The best part was I got to know some tips and secrets in preparing the foods. Chef Praiwan was so generous to share all his skills and secrets ingredients in the menu. Though I have cooked variety Thai cuisine at home, this class really an eye opener to me. I learned new things and new ways of preparing the food.

After about two hours in the kitchen, we were invited for a lunch. Yes.. the delicious dishes that were cooked by us. Correction - not us but the Chef Praiwan actually :).

I love to attend any cooking or baking class if time permitted. I have attended a few classes when I was back in Malaysia. Even though I can cook or can learn how to cook thru the 'internet' still I feel the hands on guided by the professional are the best way to learn.

So back to the "MasterChef".. I might not be winning or getting any trophy or money in any competition but I am already the winner in my children's heart. I am the MasterChef at home and I will always be.

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