Thursday, 2 July 2009

Get Well Soon Hakeem

I was at the hospital since Tuesday. Hakeem has been admitted to the hospital. I was actually there to get him to see the specialist for a thorough check up. Since he was small Hakeem always has fever, flu n cough. The recent one was 3 weeks ago after we came back from PD.

Every time when we went for a holiday or trip either at the cold place, desert or crowded dusty places, Hakeem will catch the flu or fever. That Tuesday morning also I found Hakeem’s urine contained a bit of blood.

I was panic when asked by the doctor to get Hakeem admitted. I didn’t expect n prepare for that at all. I rushed back home to settle Nabila n house matter then get back to Hospital in the evening.

Hakeem has done his urine & blood test. It seems the urine n blood got infection. He got the ultra sound test as well for bladder & kidney. Alhamdullilah his kidney is fine except infection n inflame at the bladder.

Anyway he is now undergoing an antibiotic treatment. He is still having fever at night. The doctor is still doing some test n add on new antibiotic which is suitable to kill the virus.

Otherwise Hakeem is so active during the day time. He talks non-stop n love the hospital food! He sometimes got bored n nagging me to bring him home. I pray n hope that Hakeem will be better soon.

Meanwhile I have to be at the hospital for another a few days. I pray to Allah to protect all my children.

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