Thursday, 30 July 2009

When I Am Sick

I really don’t like to get sick. It does just not make my body feel weak but at the same time I will get emotionally distressed. This especially happens when hubby is not around n I don’t have anybody to rely on except my children n maid.

I just recovered from sore throat, cough n finished my antibiotic course a week ago. Yesterday I got my fever back. I think it happened because I ate too much rambutan when I was in Malacca which I regret very much. I started to get sore throat n mild cough. Yesterday my body started shivering n aching.

I reluctantly drove back to Shah Alam with heavy sleepy eyes n shivering body. When reached home I took the medicine n slept thru the whole night. This morning it was getting worst as the fever was getting higher to 39.4deg celcius. Hubby insisted me to go n see the doctor.

I was actually feeling very weak n couldn’t get myself to get down from the bed. In the afternoon I forced myself to drive down to the clinic. The doctor gave me an injection n told me if the fever is not getting better by tonight, tomorrow I have to go to the hospital. He told me there was a case in Malacca where one person died because of H1N1.

Huh.. it sounded so scary. But I told doctor I got the fever because of eating too much rambutan! Alhamdullilah in the evening my temperature went down to normal except I am still feeling very weak because I didn’t eat.

I seldom get sick n whenever I get sick I will feel very upset. I am worried if I get sick who will take care of my children. Who will send them to school n cook for them. I also hate to get sick coz I don’t have hubby around. I have to go to the clinic by myself n there is where I will get demoralized n upset in everything.

I will easily get angry n sometimes crying thinking how unfair of me to face this alone. But this is my life. I have to be strong no matter what – for my children, family n myself. Now I am getting emotional…

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Anonymous said...

InsyaAllah you'll be fine. Breacol heals best. You count your blessings that Allah has given you, the comfort life and beautiful children, husband though he isn't near.