Thursday, 16 July 2009

A Visit To The Library

Today I brought Nabila n Hakeem to the public library in Shah Alam. This was the first time the kids ever stepped in a public library. The children’s library is located on the top floor. There were not many children at the time we arrived. Once inside Nabila n Hakeem were excited looking at all the books. There were tons of books but sadly all the books are rather old n worn out.

Some of the books in English are the old books which during ancient zaman penjajah time that are not suitable for kids to read. I asked both of them to choose a book n read. Hakeem is now getting better in reading. Nabila who loves to read kept looking for another after another. As for Hakeem after one book he told me that he was tired n bored

He then started to walk n run around n met one new friend. I didn’t realize that until I heard his loud chattered voice. He at first introducing himself then started talking about BEN 10, spiderman n space thingy thing. I guessed that boy too was in the same boat with him as he was also engrossed n talked over it too. They then were pretending playing something about the imaginary things.

That’s Hakeem… he was complaining in a minute ago of getting bored n wanted to go back but in a while he already made new friends n happily talking n enjoying his moments there. Anyway I register both of them to be the member. We spent there for one half hour n each of them borrowed three books.

Once out from the library they were complaining hungry. Penat membaca…. So I treated a bowl of mushroom soup for them. There goes the day, today – the interesting new activity for them.

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