Monday, 27 July 2009

MG 9957 - see me at the police station!

I am currently in Malacca. I departed from Shah Alam in the afternoon. It was raining thru out half of the journey. It was heavy traffic starting from Pantai Medical Centre Hospital Malacca. When I reached just near the Jaya Jusco, something unfortunate happened.

There was an old car which I didnt know what model, was in front of me. All the cars were moving slowly n sometimes almost not moving at all for a few minutes. While my car was stopping suddenly I saw the car in front of me was sliding slowly backward. I was like - OH NO... please..please..don't let it happen. I immediately honked the car n flashed the light at the same time.

But the car just kept sliding down n keboom.. hit my car! After about 15 seconds the car moved forward like nothing happened. I kept honking n flashed the light giving signal to pull aside. It was jam bumper to bumper n I didnt want to stop n cause more jam. Now the car still kept moving which I didnt know whether the driver actually knew what was going on or probably wanted to run away.

Should I stop? But how can I stop when the car still kept driving. I then asked my daughter, Nadira to got out from the car n asked the driver to pull aside - tell the driver "Mak saya suruh berhenti tepi atau dia report polis!" By the way it was still drizzling at that time. Then suddenly the driver came out from the car who happen to be an old chinese apek tua.

Before I could say anything he shouted at me something in chinise. I said "you langgar kereta i. kereta u gostan belakang langgar kereta i" And u know what he said "Eh... u langgar kereta saya, u mau cakap saya. nengok kereta saya kena langgar takde apa2 rosak saya tak marah pun. mau tuduh orang langgar" I said "Hello... u yang langgar kereta i! u tak tarik hand break" Before i could finish my word he kept bombing n accusing me the one who hit his car" I then said "Fine.. saya report polis, saya tangkap gambar kereta u" He then dare said "Report ah.. apa saya takut, u yang langgar kereta saya"

Hawau tul apek tua ni.. If I were to hit his car why did I bother to chase him n ask him to pull aside? I felt like to slap his face. I was actually inside the car n he was standing outside shouting at me plus his hand pointing blaming at me like I WAS GUILTY. People around were looking at us with interest - drama di dalam hujan. Orang sebelah siap roll down the window nak dengar. I should have take his picture while he was shouting at me tapi takut lak kena lempang or ludah ke.. hehehehehe..

So he just walked off like a hero n left me clueless for a few seconds. I definitely coudn't do anything - hanya maki serapah je lah dalam kereta while reaching my mother in-law's house. I was still angry at the incident with stucked in the jam some more for so long. My MIL called me told it was flooding nearby the house - kedai lebar n asked me to take the alternative way.

I finally arrived after an hour in the jam. And thank Allah and luckly the damage was not so bad - only the plate number was scratch n broken. Lucky the plate number frame was quite thick or else the car definitely will be dented. I was actually driving hubby's precious car. Dont worry hubby.. hanya tercalar dan tercemar di plate nombor sahaja. Your car is still in a good condition!


Anonymous said...

bumper tu kemek termasuk ke dalam sikit

Anonymous said...

BMW....Banyak Makan Wang...Habislah...
Boleh ganti bumper BMW lama..