Wednesday, 29 April 2009

I Love You

This evening when I fetched Nabila from her class, I heard her friend said “Bye.. Nabila” I turned my head n saw her classmate – boy said that. I told Nabila to say good bye back to him as I saw her like ignoring him. One more thing it was because the boy’s mother was there n I felt not nice if my daughter were to act like that.

While walking to the car Nabila told me :

Nabila: “Mommy.. u know what. I don’t like that boy."

Me: “Why? Why you don’t like that boy?”

Nabila: “There was at one time, long long time ago in term 2, he said that I look sexy

Me: I cannot stand this n immediate laugh out loud. “But why he said that?”

Nabila: “I don’t know. He even said I love you to me. That was while I was with Arifah. We were like shocked n looked at each other. I don’t like him

Me: Wah.. daring gak budak2 ni.May I know why u don’t like him

Nabila: “I just don’t like him. That’s all n I don’t like him!”

Hahahaha… If Nabila is 21years old now n tell me this, I would agree with her as I don’t like that boy either! Teruk kan mak dia ni..

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