Friday, 3 April 2009

Here I am in Kazakhstan

I had safely arrived at the Almaty airport yesterday on 8.10am (which 10.10am Msian time). We stopped at Tashkent, Uzbekistan for 2 hours transit.

I’ve been informed by hubby that his office’s driver will picked us up there. Once settled with the Immigration we went out to look for the sign of hubby’s colleague. I never met him before but he was supposed to hold up the sign of hubby’s name.

I couldn’t trace any sign of him. I sms hubby n informed him of our arrival. Meanwhile I was being approached by the ‘ulat teksi’ who so friendly asking n were begging me to take their taxis. I thought it only happened in KLIA. Though I said NO he still didn’t gave up n just stood in front of us that at the end we just ignored him!

Finally hubby’s colleague came who the name is ASKAR. He doesn’t look like any askar though.. hehehhe tall n skinny! We were thrilled n chilled by the cold breezing weather once outside from the airport. Hakeem was very excited n kept asking – are we in Kazakhstan yet? Where is the snow? How come there is no snow?

The journey from the airport to hubby’s home was very long due to the traffic jam. Nabila n Hakeem were already getting bored, tired n those killed their excitement. After about 20 minutes we arrived n saw hubby waited for us down his apartment.

Yesterday we just stayed lazy at home. I like hubby’s small n cosy home. It reminded us lots when we first moved to Oman – our little tiny flat that cramped five of us. The internet connection was down so I just watched TV, falling asleep.. woke up... fell asleep again until hubby was home from work.

We went down after that to wonder around the nearby area. We made some groceries at the nearby Mall which looks like Tesco/Giant. We just went there for awhile as kids were already tired n sleepy.

Today the weather was colder as it was raining since morning. I cooked lunch – vegetable soup n sardin masak lemak cili api. I actually brought lots of foodstuff from home. At the evening we went down to the nearby Mall again to buy bread n some stuff. Then we just stayed at home waited for hubby from work.

My impression of the Almaty town when I first arrived is – clean n full with old buildings. It is like those Russian movies that we watched on TV. A plain n dull building. I could only see 2 or 3 modern buildings around. The people are handsomely pretty. Fair skin with some looks like Chinese, Korean n even Arabian.

There goes my 2 days in Kazakhstan. Well... still early yet to tell.. I have more days here to explore.

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mochtaviv said...

Nabila n Hakeem looking happy he he