Friday, 10 April 2009

A Visit To The Doctor

Nabila’s skin irritation has gotten worst n worst. She complained of itchiness n non-stop scratching. For the last three nights she would woke up in the middle of the night crying n scratching all over her body. I had continuously put on moisturizer, lotions or oil to soothe the dry skin.

This morning I went to bring Nabila to the clinic. I went there with hubby’s colleague Zulfiya. She recommended me to see dermatologist. We went to the hospital but was told that the doctor is on vacation. I asked for other doctor like paediatrician – not available, then any general doctor – not available too.

Zulfiya maybe noticed my frustration asked the front desk again. She then told us to go to the nearest building which has allergy clinic. We walked there n finally got to see the doctor. While waiting for Zulfiya to pay for the registration I looked at the doctor’s room. I saw one tall lady was putting on lipstick on her lips.

Hmm.. could this be the doctor? Indeed she is. She can’t speak English so Zulfiya was my translator. She looked like she’s in the mid 50. She got blond hair with bits of highlights, wearing tight leopard print tops covered with white coat which represents doctor n with a serious face with bright orange lipstick.

She totally looks like any Russian porno movie star. Anyway she interrogated me about Nabila for 10min. Then only she called upon Nabila n looked thru her body, face n neck. She then talked, explained n asked again. This took another 20min. She then gave us the list of medicines to be taken.

We have to buy all the medicines from the pharmacy. We had to go to two different places (pharmacy) as some of the medicines were not available at the first pharmacy. All the medicines cost me 12,500Tengge which about RM313.00. Huh... teramat ah mahal..

Nabila has taken her first dose of medication n so far I didn’t see her scratching or complaint any itchiness. She is now happily playing with Hakeem. I really hope that she will get better soon.

p/s: gambar sekadar hiasan

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